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  1. Hi Fitch, Will the members be able to submit more than one query if I did that? and how can I make filemaker identify if the account name is a full access privilege member or a regular member and pop-up a custom box accordingly. Thanks
  2. Hi all I'm using file maker 13 and trying to create a data base for multiple users on the web with a privilege set. and it would also be controlled by two people with full access privilege. one of the requirement is to set a lay out for the members where the would be able to submit requests to the full access privilege people. and a message should pop-up on the Admin (full access) start-up window when a new query is submitted, also a message should pop-up on the member's who submitted the query start-up window when the request is answered. I wrote a script that obviously didn't work, it looks so complicated to me, set Error Capture [on] If [Get (AccountPrivilegeSetName) = "[Full Access]"] Go to layout ["Query"(Query)] Enter find mode Set Field [Query::query_status; "Active" ] perform find if [Get (LastError) = 0] go to layout ["Home"(members)] show custom dialog [" New Queries" ; "You have" & Get ( FoundCount ) & "queries"] perform script ["find active queries"] Else If [Get (LastError) + 0] go to layout ["Home"(members)] show custom dialog [" New Queries" ; "You don't have active queries"] End If End If set Error Capture [off] set Error Capture [on] If [Get (AccounName) = Query::email_query] go to layout ["query"(query)] Enter find mode Set Field [Query::email_query;Get( AccountName )] Set Field [Query::status_query; "Answered"] show custom dialog ["Queries" ; "Your request was answered"] Go to layout ["Home"(members)] Enter find mode Set Field [Home::email_address;Get( AccountName )] perform find enter browse mode If [Get (LastError) + 0] Go to layout ["Home"(members)] Enter Find Mode Set Field [Home::email_address;Get( AccountName )] perform find enter browse mode End If End If set Error Capture [off] Exit Script I would really appreciate any help or suggestion if you were able to find what's wrong
  3. uthealth

    Creating a script

    Hi all, I am trying to write a script that let me display multiple fields of the same tables and create a button that run that script. for example a button to show the current address and another on to show the previous address, or some thing like that. I don't know if this idea is doable or not. Thanks in advance for your help and advice. I am using filemaker pro 13 Thanks
  4. I want the users to be able to create a data base with all the images and be able to retrieve them easily when they were needed. although some of the data are already exist, but the project isn't up yet. It will continue at least for a couple more years.
  5. I have to do a research project about more than 100 case. each case has 3 to 4 slides and each slide has 4 to 5 pictures. the end result is that the researchers should be able to see the case information, input data about each slide of that case, and see pictures in full screen of each slide. I created a table of the main cases and another one for the slides and relate them together. Now I want to create another table of the slides' images and relate it to them , but the images got to be shown in a full screen. Sorry if I couldn't deliver my questions clearly!
  6. I created a separate portal for the related images table with a container field for each image that I want to relate.
  7. Hi Wim, Thanks for replying. the FM project will be used for windows as well as MAC my main concern is to bring images in a full screen. I have many images that are related to many data, and I want them to be displayed in a full screen when a press on them.
  8. Hi all, I'm a new user of file maker, I have a project that requires me to link images in the actual large size to their related reference. My question is, can I link the path of the whole folder to its specific data, where I can open the files that I want to open from the folder itself? I am using filemaker 13 pro.Thanks in advance for tour answers

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