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  1. Thanks, The only steps I have on my script are; new Record/Request Commit Records/Requests [with dialog:off] Go to Field [inventory Collection::ItemCode] For trigger I have tried; OnObjectSave and OnObjectExit All i get is a loop creating a record. Thanks for you help
  2. Thanks, I don't really need any controls, all i need is the ability to scan a barcode and once the field exits a new record is created and wait for the next scan. The issue i am having is once i execute the script either using trigger on exit or enter it goes into an endless loop cretating indefinite records. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to create a very basic script that would allow for continues scanning, but don’t seem to be able to figure out how to get the script to work. i set a script trigger to execute on exit with the following script. new record go to filed [item_code] the idea is so when I scan an item the scanner will add a return at the end exiting the field, and so triggering to run the script over. all I get is an endless loop. thanks
  4. JMart

    Missing Data

    Thanks guys for your input, i figured it was not doable, but it was worth the try. yes the 40 fields are user data entry, the table had a total of 98 field. This is a some what flat database to collect time the document advances in the warehouse. the 40 fields are mostly the are start-and-end time. the rest are calculations to determine time between process. @comment that is how i have a layout with all the required fields and they change color conditional i was just thinking of something more fancy..
  5. JMart

    Missing Data

    Good day all, My apologies if i am posting in the wrong group. I am looking for some advice to accomplish the following task. I have a database with 40 fields, i would like to create a dynamic layout that would show the fields with missing data. is something like this doable. I currently have a portal that show the users the records with missing data in the portal i want to add a button that will opens a window and displays the missing data fields. Thanks JMart
  6. I have another question along the same validation lines. i have a field: kDocumentNumber - "Unique value" is checked and i have the field on the layout is set to trigger on exit i cant get the window to show with either script. I cant get it to show the new window with either script. The idea is if there value exist it will show a custom window Thanks for your rudy
  7. Good day, Thanks, works like a charme. JMart
  8. hi guys, Please please please, What in the world am i doing wrong in the below script, it only works if the user has [Full Access] . Thanks for any guidance Jmart
  9. Sorry pasted the wrong snap. this is the portal filter, and it works as expected, the only issue i am having is to have a button that would clear the filter. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your reply, Layout When a users type a ticket no, serial no., or customer name, it filters the portal as you type. then they can narrow the search y selecting a status. Once the "X" next to "search for ticket" is pressed all the record show in the portal. Where i am having an issue is with the "job status navigator", I need to be able to press the "x" and clear the "job status navigator" filter or "ALL" filters in the portal. this is the script for "job status navigator" This is my portal filter
  11. Hi all, I was able to make it work by using set field for the global field, refreshing the portal, then using the filter in the portal based on the global field. works as expected. Now i am trying to figure out how to clear the filter and show all records in the portal. Any help is appreciated Thanks.
  12. Good day gurus, need some advice or samples is at all possible. I have a layout with a portal, i also have two global fields (g_job_status_navigator and g_status_navigator), both are drop down with the value list test to the field content. I need some guide on a script that would allow me to make a selection from the either or both of the global fields and display the result in the portal. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks.
  13. hello, having an issue that cant figure out why its not working. Have a portal in a layout (Table: Customers), showing all records from the same table (Customer). all works well, meaning all records are showing in the portal. now I am trying to create a record via a button on the portal row in a different table but cant get it to work. in my script I have the following steps; This script runs via a button which I have on the portal row. all the steps appear to be running except the "set variable" is not pickup the selected row but whichever record its active Can someone give me an idea what I could be doing wrong. Thanks JMart
  14. I have a layout with three portals, all portals are showing the data as expected when printing. My issue is with one portal where i cannot get the data to print, i have i tried everything i can think of including creating a new layout with only one portal but nothing. Any idea what i could be doing wrong. Thanks
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