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  1. Hi, I think i figured out what my issue is. It seem it has to do with the screen resolution and scale. I use a laptop and the setting are "Scale and Layout" to 125%, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. if i put the scale to 100% it works fine. Even centering a window does not work. Thanks Rudy
  2. JMart


    Steven in my case i am not using radios, i am using checkbox. In other words i am trying to make checkbox work like a radios. Thanks JMart
  3. JMart


    Thanks for the reply, I failed to mention, that i have under auto-enter Data set to "True", this way when a record is created it auto selects "True", but the user is able to remove both checks. , I was hoping there was another way, Thanks JMart
  4. JMart


    Good day gurus, I have a true \ False value list, where i require the user to select only one option, but an option is required. I currently set it up as follow and it works. Auto-enter->GetValue( RightValues( Self ; 1 ) ; 1 ) Do not replace existing value of field: unchecked What i can not figure out is how to do is enforce a selection, something like using radius, where one of the two option MUST be selected. Thanks JMart
  5. Night, I think i figured out the issue i was having, the reason is my button was not a button but a Button Bar. I recreated it to a button and its working fine. Thanks for the help
  6. Your test file works perfect, my cant get it to work
  7. Thanks for the reply, User Click on the icon next to "Vendor" Once presses a script is executed Windows will appear on the same location every time
  8. Good day, I am trying to center a "Floating Window" using the new windows command, i want to accomplish one of two objectives. 1- Open the new windows to the right of the "button" that triggers the script To do this i am using the "GetLayoutObjectAttribute( "VendorWindows" ; "Top" ), and "GetLayoutObjectAttribute( "VendorWindows" ; "Left" ) 2- Open the new window in the center of the screen To do this i am using "Get ( ScreenWidth ) /2" and "Get ( ScreenHigh) / 2" But i cant get either way to work. Both option i am entering it in the "New windows" function What am i doing wrong. Thanks JMart
  9. Good day, I am having an issue that i never seen before. I have a very basic layout, 5 fields, and a global field for searching with a button to execute the search, all is working perfect, except that when i press the search button the result shift to the right, once i clear to show all the list shift back to the left. Any idea what i could be doing wrong. Thanks Jay Mart
  10. Hopefully not often, Whenever canon publishes their Dealer parts list, once or twice a year. thanks
  11. Thanks works like a charm, now i have to deal with a speed issue, since i end up having over 3 Million records on this table alone. Thank Jay
  12. Good day all, I need some clarification on how i can possibly accomplish a task. No matter how much i think of a way cant figure out how to do it. i need to import data from an excel file where column "A" contains a unique value, but column "B" and "C" can respectively contain anywhere from 1 value to 50 values separated by a comma each. I need to create one record per value on column "B" but keep column "A" as the key field for each record. Thanks JMart
  13. thanks for the script, i tried the above, but for some reason when i create a layout and place the sList field to show the list of missing invoices it shows the first number only repeated. Thanks for the advice, in this instance all we need to do is collect a all invoices generated by the ERP and enter the number to keep track if the sales person turned the invoice into the accounts department, they were using excel but it got to be too many invoices.
  14. thanks for the quick reply, The database is very simple; there are 5 fields the two key fields are "invoice No" and "Invoice Date", a users populates these two fields, i basically need a script that will find the missing invoice numbers between the lowest and highest numbers. Thanks
  15. hi all, need desperate help in putting together a script to find missing numbers between the lowest and highest. e.g. 1, 2.4,6,10 need a report to show the missing numbers 3,5,7,8,9 help is greatly appreciated Thanks.
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