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  1. Thank you very much for your invaluable advice, LaRetta. Yes. I have gotten it right this time round. I went to the inspector and changed it from gradient to none. It is working now. I had purchased the 40 hours online training and I am working on it whenever I get some free time. By the way, do you think you can teach me on how can i incorporate containers into the expense segment? I would like to have those that are found in the "Contact" segment where I can drag and save files. I was thinking of dragging and saving receipts whenever I enter an expense. Once again, thank you s
  2. Hi LaRetta, Thanks for you reply. I will try and figure out what you are trying to explain. What I did was just to arrange the gradient backwards and have the rest move forward. On the arrange button, I am not sure how to make the button "transparent". Please forgive my poor knowledge of working around the screen. Regards, Lesster
  3. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your reply. Ok let me try and explain more in detail. I am in the invoice segment. 1. As I punch in my product on the product list, The price will automatically add up on the lower right pane where we have the total, notes, CC info, payment tabs 2. On the total tab, we have the "Discount Rate", "Sales Tax Rate", "Terms", "Date Due" etc etc etc..... 3. Once I have completed entering the products, I will have the total shown on the lower right side of the screen. 4. This is where I will go to the "Discount Rate" box and enter the percentage where
  4. Hi LaRetta, It works! Thanks! Richard is right. I must had broke or twisted some nerves somewhere somehow. I downloaded a fresh copy and I followed your instruction by rearranging the layers. 👍 Cheers Lesster
  5. Thanks Richard, LaRetta, Will download another fresh copy and try again. If it doesn't work I shall seek the gurus here again. 🤗
  6. Hi rwoods, I am using FMSP as the template file. Regards, Lesster
  7. Hi fellow FMSPers, Can anyone help me on this? I changed the theme of the original template to wave and everything works fine except for the note pane in the contact segment. I can only add but not able to click on individual note to read them. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue. Thanks in advance. Lesster
  8. Thanks Richard, for your animated explanation. I really fall in love with starting point! It is so amazing and really helped me a lot with my work. Thank. Ok, here is a small little bug which I encountered. Sorry to disturb you again. Here is the bug...... whenever i gave discount on my invoice, i needed to retype the percentage a few time on the discount pane before the invoice can give me the correct discounted figures. May I know how i can rectify this?
  9. Great! Thanks for the information. Really appreciate your fast response. Will look into the options. Basically I am trying to link it onto my MacBook Air. By the way, is it possible that you can tell me what does that small little broom does on some corners of the entry pane? I tried clicking on it but not sure of the function. Thanks once again.
  10. Hi guys!, Thanks for the last response regarding entering of new invoices. Somehow I am unable to reply to that thread. Anyway, I would like to apologise for bothering you guys again. BTW, I had bought the 40 hours training video and its amazing. I encourage all those who are new to starting point to get this training videos. Thanks Richard. I do a lot of field work and data capturing on the field in an important aspect. I am wondering can anyone advise me how do I capture images onto the starting point photo container on my contact list? What are the third party application I need t
  11. Dear fellow forum members, Hope this message find all well. I am very new to filemaker starting point and I would greatly appreciate if anyone can assist on this matter. I am using 4.6. I tried entering a new invoice but somehow when I key in the product, it doesn't reflect the product ID automatically. Can anyone help me on this? Much appreciated. Lesster
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