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  1. Hi everybody, Don't know if it is clearer now what I want to achieve? Thanks. Gilles
  2. Ok, Article Join is a join table between different kind of packaging (1kg,2kg,3kg,etc.) and the aricles. Fields in the Article_Join_Packaging: ID, ArticleIdFK and PackagingIdFk. The Stock_Join_Article is a join table between stock entry and the article. (ie 1st line: 3 article1 of 3kg, 2nd line: 10 article 2 of 1kg, 3rd line: 5 article2 of 10kg, etc...) So the sum of quantity available for each article per package is done in the Stock_Join_Article.
  3. Hi Lee, Thank you so much for answering. Sorry for posting in the wrong place in the forum. The summary fields are in Stock_Join_Article, not in Article_Join_Packaging. Can I use the Stock_Join_Article table in the portal with this relationship? Also how should I populate the gArticleID? Should I make a var of the ArticleId and use the go to Packaging layout and thens use the set field? This seems not to be working as there are severela packagings and whisch on should I use? Thanks Gilles.
  4. Hello everybody, I'm struggling with summary fields in a related portal. My situation is as followed: I have an Article table, a Packaging_join table, a Packaging table, a Stock_Entry table and a Stock_Join table. Relation: Stock_entry -< Stock_Join_Article >- Article -< Article_Join_Packaging >- Packaging This works very well, I can enter different quantities per package per article. I made summary fields in the Stock_Join_Article table to see how many article I have for each type of packaging. When I create found sets for each package I get the correct am
  5. Hi Comment, Thanks for the answer. Got the export working (withou the XSLT but i want to understand the whole procedure before starting the hard work of mapping the XLM). I could export the file and have a file with a var for the path. Now how would you send the post? Would the be element plugin be ok for this? If so how would the script step look like? Should I use the object refresh script step? Thanks
  6. Hi comment, Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to learn step by step. I'm trying to export the XML. Shoulf I do this to a file?, to a variable? I'll get to the XSLT next... Thanks, Gilles
  7. Hi Wim, The API uses WSDL. (https://login.keyinvoice.pt/API3_ws.php?wsdl) The problem, for now, resides on the FM. So I have a very hard time to understand how I can grab the XML data from my record (including the values from the related protal) to create a a POST with baseelements... Step 1: I'm trying to export the record to XML with the export records scriptstep. I'm trying to get this in a variable (I don't know if this is the right way to get the data?) but get an error from FMP14 "$keyincoice could not create on this disk. Use a different name, make more
  8. Hello everybody, I have solution up and running and now I would like to send some data to a webservise using the REST method. Got the authentication figured out which I thought would be the hard part and it wasn't. Now I'm getting ready to send the data and I'm stuck! I need the data from a layout and the realted data from a portal. XML should be fine but I don't know where to start, how to create this xml with all the data and then in one way or another send it to the webservice. If somebody could get me in de right direction... I'm using FMP14 Than
  9. Ok I build it the wrong way... My order relation ships are in another way... Thanks for the help, I'll give it a try!
  10. A product can have many suppliers and the supplier has many products. Fornecedores-artigos is a jointable afterall, i was wrong
  11. I attached an immage of the relationship. product is = Artigos and supplier = Fornecedor_artigos relation2.tiff
  12. Hi everybody, I have the following situation: I have a product table. This table is related to a supplier table and each product can have many suppliers. Now I would like to crate an order based on a supplier. when chosing the dropdown list the products to be shown should only be the products related to this supplier. So I have an order table which relates to to the product table by means of line table (the order might have more than one product) In the the order form I have a portal with the line table. The line table has a pop-up menu with a value list showing the pr
  13. Thank you for the reply, I can't get any further with the examples... I realy don´t know what to use as the url response... The first part is the wbeservice URL, then the authentication part and then should come the url on which Gestix replies... I don't know what URL to use... http://gestix_host/gestix_path/gnet-forms.cgi?autoid=XXXX&db=XX&auth1=XXXX&auth2=XXXXpass&responseurl&ordinal_number=XX
  14. Hi everybody, I would like to connect my FMS to an other app (Gestix) which has an API using the POST method. The method needs a response URL on which Gestix will reply the answers, and this where I'm strugeling... Is this possible in Filemaker? With the help of a plugin? I have to say that I have absolutely no experience in webservices or even HTML... Thanks everybody!
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