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  1. Thank you for all your help I been able to modify the contacts module pretty good to work for donors. Have set up most of the layout and scripts to work as intended as well, I added a products tab that will allow me to create a donation (Product Unit of Blood) for that donor. now all I need to do is figure the script that adds the product to actually show the product in that tab after its been created is the Is basically where I'm stuck at right now, we have a hurricane in Florida now so I guess ill have some free time to figure it out Thank you very much for all the help
  2. Thank you for your reply and yes that did it perfectly Thank you very much for your help
  3. Thank you for your reply Nate, your suggestion work for me but after I did I realize that I would need to expand the donor module a lot more. As you suggested using the contacts module would been a better option but we use that one a lot due to all the accounts we have. I have purchased the FM starting point 15 courses as well and I saw a suggestion there for transforming the Estimates module into a PO module, which gave me an idea. I could do the same for the contacts module, just copy all the information from accounts and reading all the relationships to the proper fields. i think that would work better for what I want to do and would give the option of utilizing all the tabs from the accounts modules since they are related to the products fields and estimates which I converted into Packing List in our case. Any though and feedbacks will be much appreciated as always Thank you
  4. This is one of the hardest thing I been trying to acomplish, I want to transform the contacts module into a Donors module for our blood bank. I have transform most of the fields already to match the donor information we will need. However I want each donor to show in a portal all the units or (products) associated to that donor. Example: 1 Donor can donate blood every 56 days 1 unit (which has a serial number associated to it) I want each donor to show all the products or units associated to him. Im sure this might be something really simple to some of you so any help will me much appreciated Thank you in advance for all the help
  5. Thank you very much that did it, even though it doesn't round the number to nearest decimal it still helps lot Much appreciated
  6. Hello once again I been trying to make a calculation for the conversion of weight into ml's. Normally I do this by dividing the the weight by 1.026 and the results is the amount in ml's ( 1.026 is the density of blood, plasma, serum ) I have a field for weight and another for volume I want to input the weight and have the result show in volume after being calculated. Thank you in advance for the help and advice
  7. Recently i change my office PC to a Mac Laptop since is much more accessible for me. After getting Filemaker 12 for it, I try running the copy I have of FM starting point and this what happens. I will appreciated any help I can get to resolve this Thank you
  8. I would like to start by thanking the developers for such a wonderful solution. Our organization has been successfully adapted FM starting point to our current needs. However one of the biggest challenges we have right now comes from having the invoices and Estimates List more than 18 items when they print. I have read in another discussion that was solution for it however I wasn't able to truly grasp the meaning of it. Any help I could get to solve this would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
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