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  1. All my clients are reporting that they cannot download a new version of the datatabase. They keep getting the message as per the attachment. It says that the download URL may have been revoked. How can this be when it is being generated from within the Mirrorsync script? They can download from a link that I send by email. It should be the exact same link that the Mirrorsync script is using. Help needed please.
  2. Thanks Jesse. Actually, it was fishtech that posted that he had 'modificationDate', 'modificationAccountName' and 'modificationUserName' fields. I only have the modification timestamp filed. I have changed the mirrorsync configuration for conflict resolution. I now get an email when my users have a conflict. I am resolving it from my copy - which I know is good and in time all the conflicts will be resolved. There has been plenty conflicts so far. The puzzling part is that the records are being modified. Yet nothing has been changed in the records by any of the users. This is
  3. I need a bit of clarity on this. If I remove that field from the sunc layout, will it sync? The zz_account_create field is an important part of my scripts. If that field is not synced, I will not be able to do any remote trouble shooting.
  4. Hi Jesse, This file is set to most recent change wins. I do not want to leave this user user decides because that would cause huge problems. The records in this table are very rarely changed. In fact, in the past three years I am the only one that has changed anything and it was to maybe three records only. The modification timestamp on nearly all the records should be the same as the creation timestamp. The other thing I can't figure out is if 248 records were modified, why weren't the rest? The 248 records that were modified was done over a 3min 48 second period and this was do
  5. This may not be related to MirrorSync but I have not been able to identify any other reason. MirrorSync will update records that have a changed modification timestamp. I have a table that over 800 records in it and when I performed a sync this afternoon it took for ever to complete. This is not the first time has happened and it is not just to this table. After checking the sync I found that 248 of the 818 records had been modified. The account name for the modification on all the records was mine. Now, there is absolutely no way that I modified any of these records. As I mentioned earl
  6. I have been having major problems after installing FMS 17 and the new MirrorSync. First, it said web server was not running. After hours of searching, I found that I needed to forward port 42424. Now I need to reconfigure the Mirrorsync configuration file. I have the IP's set as different and they are correct but MirrorSync is saying that the MirrorSync server at the IP address is not accessible on port 80. I had this same problem with FMS16 and I got around it by selecting port 8080. Now, we can't do that!!! How am I supposed to get MirrorSync running like this?
  7. I may have a solution to the missing MirrorSyncUpdater but, the problem is not completely resolved. I deleted Filemaker Go and downloaded a new version. I then downloaded the file from the URL and performed a sync. I then changed the version number in the server file and performed another sync on the iPad. The sync worked, it reported a new version was available and then it proceeded to download the new file. Everything appeared to be working but after a few tries, it failed. After the URL transfer was complete ( blue progress bar all the way across) the file hung. The progress bar disa
  8. Hi Jesse and Ocean West, Have anyone found a resolution to this problem? I have the exact same issue.
  9. So when this happens I am stuck without any means of syncing? This happened to me on at the end of the week and with time differences between Australia and the US it means that I can't get a resolution until basically Tuesday the next week (today). I have just tried a sync and now I get another error saying that I can only have records in Filemaker Go or Pro if I have an exact copy of the file. I am assuming that is because I have added records over the weekend and I now can't sync them? I now need to delete all my files and reload them from the server? That is going to take ages and I wi
  10. Hi Jesse, I had MirrorSync working well on your server. I have signed up for a month at the moment. I made some major changes to my file and deleted the old one, installed a new and then I couldn't sync. The error that came up was that I didn't lacked privileges or the object was not found (screen shot attached). Tsiry this problem by restarting the MirrorSync Instance. I have again made changes, reloaded the file and edited the MirrorSync configuration file. The same error has come up. Tsiry replied to my report and stated that the problem could be solved in the same way but, sh
  11. Yes, can you please ask Tsiry to set up the file I gave you. She has my password but I can send it again if required. This file is a bit different to the one she set up for me before. I will send her a reply to her previous email as well. Thanks for your help. I sincerely hope we can get this going soon!!
  12. Hi Again Jesse, I am considering setting up my own server at home. How difficult is this? Can you give me an idea of what hardware and software I would need for this please.
  13. Hi Jesse, Yes, I need help. This is driving me crazy. I know your system works and it is the sync solution I want to work with. Tsiry has been helping me out a bit but I am still getting nowhere fast. Tsiry did test this out on your server but because I do not have an account, I could not download the database to properly test out the syncing. I am now considering buying a good computer, putting Filemaker server 16 on it, installing the MirrorSync client on that and then doing it all from my home. This is going tobe an expensive exercise and a very time consuming one as well. Not to
  14. I have been trying to set up MirrorSync with my database. I am fairly sure I have followed the instructions but when I try to up all my sync tables I get an erroras shown in the attachment. The are 24 tables in total. I have tried a shared server 14 in Sydney from FMPHosts for several weeks. I contacted MirrorSync and they think it may be the server speed. I and am now trying a dedicated server 16 also from FMPHosts and still getting the same errors. I have checked all the tables to ensure there is a creation timestamp, modification timestamp and created by field. There were a few table
  15. Interesting. It wouldn't let me in one day and then the next, all was good!!
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