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  1. Has anyone had any issues in the past with button bars not looking right on FMGo? For some reason, they always seem to have random spacing between the button and the outer line? Any ideas/tricks?
  2. Hi, Got a real strange issue.... My button bars look fine, slightly offset, but fine on the desktop version... But as soon as I look on FM Go, one of the text boxes just floats away? - I have tried moving it around and changing the size and i just get the same issue but with different buttons? See images... Thanks
  3. Music to my ears!! I might have to just wait for a little while. I have enough to develop in the mean time!
  4. I see!! I've not played with POST and GET commands much until now. I will attempt something with those two methods. Thanks for your help!
  5. I've been using the insert from URL for the POST and GET communication, however, I'm getting a bad request return from Google because of the authentication. It's literally the OAuth I need to calculate. One thing I should mention is, we want this to work on iPads, using Go? I'm starting to wonder if its going to be possible.
  6. I'm looking for a method of authenticating with google via FileMaker. I would like to run post commands via the Insert from URL command to allow my FMDB to publish Cal Events to a specific calendar. Realistically I'd want this to be automatic when an appointment is assigned on the system. At the moment, I can get a post to work, but it returns an error. I imagine this is because the authentication hasn't taken place. Has anyone managed to get a working OAuth 2.0 setup/Google Login on Filemaker that will work with POST and GETs. Once I've got Calendar to work, then I want to start on Drive and Gmail. Thanks!
  7. Does anybody know a way of directly attaching a file to gmail (via the webclient) using mail to or via the send email functions. We have multiple users that move around the building so setting up outlook for each user is becoming a nightmare. They use iPads so the send mail script function works here, but on a desktop we would like it to force open GMail or use Mailto: and take the attachment with it. I've tried everything i know about mailto and i'm at a dead end. I did think about trying to integrate google drive HOWEVER i have no experience with Googles API's.
  8. Thanks, I will look into this and give it a go
  9. HELP! I am trying to get my FM layout to have a self aware object. The object is named appropriately and the object (For example, a portal) would then use the name to filter with some form of get(name) method. Can this be done? In theory i want singular row portals with the name "Portal 1" to be copy an pasted. When pasting FM will automatically name this "Portal 2" (3,4,5,6 and so on). The filter will then use a "RightValue(Get(Name))" to filter down on this number. CAN THIS BE DONE? I am racking my brains trying to figure a way of doing this and making this layout dynamic >_<
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