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  1. I have a table with NAME field containing Return Separated Values (RSV). I want to run a script that will add more RSV's to the same NAME field in the same table. This will be from the same NAME field on other rows. It will be based on a "match" on a PRODUCT field. I don't want to wipe out the values already in the NAME field obviously. Any ideas?
  2. I have a script to import an Excel file into an FM Table. I have my FM Script setup to Import Records with Arrange by: LAST ORDER. But it won't do this. Every time I run this script it gets the field mappings wrong. Reverts them back to before. Ironically when I do it manually it works. Any ideas? (I have this type of scripted import working fine for other tables) (I tried shifting the order of the fields in the actual database table as well -- but that has no effect either.)
  3. Comment -- I got it wrong. The dates in my excel file are in general format. So they are coming in as text. I want to fix this in fm in either calculations scripting or a function. Not practical to edit the source or really the rows in fm. Really looking to populate my year month and day fields properly. May use the left right middle functions if there's not a better way?
  4. I have a TABLE::DATE field that has content with varying date types: e.g. 1) 12/12/2015 and 2) Dec 12, 2015. The field is type "Date". I have another field TABLE::c_YEAR that is of type "calculation" returning a "Number". The calculation is Year (TABLE::DATE). This works for dates as in #1 (e.g. 12/12/2015) but fails for dates such as #2 (e.g. Dec 12, 2015). Any idea why and how to fix (within the TABLE::DATE field)? (I am importing the problem rows from an Excel XLSX file (where the dates are in Oct 12, 2016 format) in an FM Script with Auto-validation turned off on impor
  5. Thanks for the file. It works as expected. It also works when I copy in my Applescript. The weird thing is that 12 hours later MY script now works with no error message as I repeatedly got last night. I made no changes to it at all! Didn't reboot Mac or restart FM or KM or Safari. My setup looks exactly the same as yours except I run the FM Script from the FM menu (not from a button). Thanks again.
  6. OK done this on a new global text field. Created clean new FM script as well. Getting error -2741 "Expected EOL but found command name" Also tried your #2 (escape chars etc) and I get no error message/no results!
  7. Doesn't work for me. Get error as above. Do you men that I should paste the text of the Applescript into the DATA panel of the Auto-Enter screen of my RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT ? tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script "Search the Web" end tell And then reference this from my FM Script as this? Perform Applescript (RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT) I still get the "Error: -2741"
  8. OK I've added this to the FM Script (Native Applescript panel): tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script "Search the Web" end tell It now works. But how do I remove this code into a FM RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT field and then have it work similarly? (I want to do this to build up to a more complex Applescript with parameters from FM.) I've turned RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT field into a Text field and tried pasting the text of the Applescript into the DATA panel (or the CALC panel) of the Auto-Enter screen. tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do s
  9. Yes - its a calculation window that delivers a text result. Not following how to put this code into a Text field without quotes?
  10. Doesn't work. I just copied the exact same (working) script from Script Editor into the FM Global Storage Text Field (no escape chars or double quotes). Not accepted. "Specified Field not found" when "Tell Application" is highlighted.
  11. I have a simple Applescript that works in Script Editor tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine" do script "Search the Web" end tell I add this same script (with escape chars) to my RESOURCES::A_SCRIPT field inside FM. The RESOURCES table is not connected to the other tables in the graph. "tell application \"Keyboard Maestro Engine\" do script \"Search the Web\" end tell" I've tried this with this field being defined as a Global Storage Field or not. Similar problems with both. I have an FM Script called EXECUTE: Perform Applescript (RESOURCES:
  12. The same ATTRIBUTES::F1 etc. may actually match a few of the PRODUCTS::NAME rows. (I may be able to add a field to PRODUCTS that calculates a string that can actually be matched to the ATTRIBUTES table).
  13. I have a PRODUCTS Table (1000 rows) containing a field called NAME. I also have an ATTRIBUTES Table (20,000 rows) with useful attribute info (in 3 fields e.g. F1, F2, F3) that I want in my PRODUCTS table layout (for export to Excel). I can't see an easy way to join the 2 tables. ATTRIBUTES::MOD_NAME is never exactly the same as PRODUCTS::NAME. ATTRIBUTES::MOD_NAME is a string that is sometimes partially contained in the string that is PRODUCTS::NAME. This will be true zero, one or a few times. ATTRIBUTES::MOD_NAME is contained in one or more of the PRODUCTS::NAME -- that's
  14. @Comment -- Thanks for the FM file. It looks logical and exports OK for me. Could any of the following be my issue? My layouts do not use Portals. My layouts don't have the 2nd Table's field/s on them. I just do an export from the SALES Table's Table View and add-in the 2nd Table's field in the Export dialog. @LaRetta/@Comment -- (As described earlier) I tried an alternative approach -- I also can't populate my Real_Product_Name field in the SALES table using "Lookup" so I don't think this is purely an Excel problem. Suspect both issues are caused by my same underlyi
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