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  1. Hi Lee, I wanted to copy and paste but I am unable to do it on Filemaker Pro 13. The script window do not look like the one you have and I can't copy/paste into a text editor.
  2. I understood it and it's what I've done, I have followed your instruction with <<$$pp>> but the printing issue is there. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, Thank you now the formula works but when I try to print it, it appears like this: "Page 1 of " (the total number of page doesn't appear )
  4. Hi there, Thank you for your prompt reply and thank you Lee but the following was already typed when I saw your answer above. I would like to get the page numbers on each layout with the correct total of page for each layout (instead of total record number). For instance: Layout 1: has 2 pages, once printed it will be written: "Page 1 of 2" then "Page 2 of 2" Layout 2 has only 1 page once printed it will be written: "Page 1 of 1" So here it's what I have done: 1. Clicked on "Edit Layout" 2. Then "Insert" > "Merge Variable"
  5. Hi there, So.... I am still a bit struggling with the page numbers so I decided to go back to the start and to do it steps by steps. As per the File Maker help and your advices, I need to "set a variable" but how do I do that? Where do I physically click to "set a variable" (prior to: "insert merge variable")? (see this link: http://www.filemaker.com/help/13/fmp/en/html/create_layout.9.34.html#1064499) I don't find it very clear... Thank you so much in advance. Mari
  6. Hi Lee, Thank you very much and it works but it's counting all the records present within the layout in the database instead of counting the number of page present in the current layout/record. Does there is a formula to add to make it work? I'm sure it's something easy to do but know how to do it. At the moment this is what have got: Formula: Pg. {{PageNumber}} / {{FoundCount}} Perform script: Enter preview mode Go to record/Request/Page [first] Set variable [$pp;:Value:Get (PageNumber)} Go to record/Request/Page [last] Pause/resume scr
  7. Thank you Lee. I have progressed into the making of my Database since yesterday. However, does anyone know how to insert page number "Page 1 of 2" at the bottom or the top of a layout? I have a "portal" element prior to it & if I add anything below it creates automatically x2 pages ;( Thank you for your help
  8. Hoorah!!!!!!!!!!! I found it for the printing issue 1. > So to change from landscape to portrait to print, you need to: 1. Click on the button (that has been made to print the document) 2. "Perform script" > "Specify" > Click on the tiny wheel > Select: "Edit..." > Select: "Print Setup" then Double click on it & select Landscape or Portrait.
  9. Hi Lee, Thank you for your help. I found it but it's more about being able to lock the size page including: Header, Body & Footer parts and to make sure it will print as I wish. As I am modifying an old database I am trying to change some current setup which do not fit my needs and I am having difficulties to find these options. Example: 1. One of the layout page can't be printed in Portrait (instead of Landscape) & even if I change it in "Print" > the database is still saving the pdf file in Landscape.... and if I change the layout setting into x2 or x1 column
  10. Hi There, I am creating a Filemaker Data base to help me with my work flow. I would like to create A4 Layout but I can't find an easy option how to find it on FMP 13. I can't find an easy way to create a template with size selection for Header - Body & footer and make sure that it will be printed on A4 Size. Does anyone can help? Many thanks, Mari
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