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  1. A relationship joining two match fields

    Works beautifully, and super quick. Thanks again, again!
  2. A relationship joining two match fields

    Ah! yes, interesting. Thanks, I'll try that technique, and hopefully it doesn't slow record loading too much. Thanks again
  3. Hey guys, I don't think this one is actually possible, but hopefully someone out there might have figured out a work around Lets say for example i have 3 tables in bold and their following fields in italics. Order -Order Name -Order ID Product -Product Name -Product ID Product Tags -Product Tag ID -Product Tag Name Order Details -Order ID Match Field -Product ID Match Field -Product Tag ID Match Field -Product Quantity I would like to have on an Order layout, a list of all Product::Product Name, and their Order Details::Product Quantity. Even if the product quantity is zero. What i do not want to have to do is create an Order Detail record for every Product for every Order. I only want to have an Order Detail record for when an Order Detail::Product Quantity is 1 or more. Otherwise every time a change to the Product table would occur, i would have to script the changes to to be reflected in every Order Detail record. I have a similar technique used for the other table Product Tags, were i can list all the Product Tag::Product Tag Name records in the Order layout, and using a script have the Product Tag::Product Tag Name clickable, then show up as bold with Order with conditional formatting - not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( List ( Order Details::Product Tag ID Match Field ) ; Order Tag List::Product Tag ID ) ) I can do that too with the Product Name, but when it comes to showing the Order Details::Product Quantity, Thats where it falls down, because i cannot get a relationship between both the Order Details match fields. I hope that all makes sense. i did my best to make it as clear as possible, but no doubt i am still leaving some vital info out! Thanks!

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