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  1. Ie, if you have DB register with attachment, who has been send out with e-mails, you later perhaps want to find all posts with container who include files that not is compressed and trough them away. If compression is .zip or .gzip or something else, do not mater if "something" is ending the file names who is imported as "compressed (if possible)". Isn't that logical? here is more about this issue, posted 2014.
  2. The issue is also about how to "see" which one of the posts who has a container-field who have compressed file, or not
  3. To whom should the file be "available", if not to the users? Lets say you have 300 post of container-fields where 50% of them is compressed. How should you know which one?
  4. Why doesn’t FM append .zip to a compressed file, imported to a container? When import files to a container field with choice "compress if possible" the file "inside" the container will be zipped , but the container "file name” doesn't append .zip in the file name. Should it be more logical to append .zip when the file is imported as compressed, just to tell that it is? And only keep original file ending if not compressed. Example MyFile.pdf to MyFile.pdf.zip when imported as compressed...
  5. I had this problem on port 465, and change to 587 and it work. The strange thing is that I thereafter I put port 465 back, and it work to...?
  6. The corrupt file 2...(n) is because they are still compressed. You must append .zip to the file 2...(n) and then unzip them.
  7. In this moment I have done tests on an minimal database, in purpose to recreate and find the 2..(n) problem. I have found the reason! I have a script - adding the attachment where the script step is "add file"! IF YOU SET "compress if possible" the attachment will be corrupt - HERE IS THE REASON ! I hope this analysis will help, and to find a solution - It would be wonderful if this problem could be fixed. Phuuu
  8. @ryan360Works Thank for the update 2.175, in this moment i had time to test the zip-function attachment of folder - And it Works successfully However, the EmailAttachFile in loop with more then one file attached, still makes no 2...(n) corrupt somewhere in the file-head. Have you take a look on the "corrupt.pdf" file above? I will make a new extra Filemaker-file, just holding enough for testing EmailAttachFile in different ways to be shore I haven't missed something in the script. (ie have 2 container fields in e-message database, instead of the related attachment data base, as
  9. @ryan360Works Thanks for the quick reply, I will give you answer on the question. First, the original attached files is NOT corrupt. I have tried to send the message trough two different smtp servers, One is Google (port 465 and ssl=1) and the first is space2u.com (port 2525, no ssl). I also made a check by phone "on line" with support on space2u.com directly on the smtp mail logs, no error detected. I have attached example on received file (after sending mail to my selves). The original and the received file. The files is in a container field, related to the email messag
  10. To Who it may concern !... About the two bugs. Is it possible to expect a solution in the near future? I like 360Work solution and will by the program if a solution of these two bug is in near future
  11. SPECIAL NOTE - About the corrupt No 2 attachment - Issue. When comparing the attached file No 2 to the original by using DiffMerge program I've got a error message - see picture. When comparing the two files open by BBedit - there is no difference "inside" the files. Please let me know if I should send the corrupt pdf-file to anyone by mail?
  12. Today I bought FM 15, and the problems is identical on that in FM 15 - maybe good to know
  13. When create a loop for related attachment DB from container-field, only the first attachment is correct, the No 2 and 3 is corrupt! Here is my code for 3 related attachment to the Message Database message->Attachment (related to 3 posts and the container field in each post trough relation >> DB-message_ID = Attachment_ID_message) <code> Loop $attachment EmailAttachFile (attachment::postattach) Go To Record/Request [ Next ; Exit After Last ] End Loop </code> THIS MAKES THE No 2 and No 3 attachment corrupt - I think this is a
  14. FM 14 running on MAC OS X 10.11.6 EmailAttachFile command seams to fail When trying to send attachment trough a path to a folder I've get error message. I Get the path from the script command "Get Folder" (Hope i translate it from Swedish correctly) and it's look like this: "/HD_8 Samsung_500Gb/Users/GAG5D/Desktop/Bilagor ArsmoteStyrelseprotokoll/" who is added to EmailAttachFile command trough a value of "Set Variable" - named "$$epostBilaga", who is accepted without any error. When running the "EmailSend" a POP UP error message comes up, and the value from "EmailLastError
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