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  1. Cannot access second portal

    Hi BruceR - That is great thank you for making the time to show me, you are right I was able to easily add multiple types of categories easily. I have a quick question, I tried to get tricky and add the portals to a slide control and they stopped populating is this by design - is there something extra I am supposed to add to the script? Thanks Troy
  2. Cannot access second portal

    Yes the portals are representing categories, apologies for being unclear. Do you have an example file or perhaps a reference to a starter solution that does what you are recommending? I don't know where to start.
  3. Cannot access second portal

    OK, fixed my code up a little and now I can write using portal 2 button, but only blank lines are being written - still its progress. I also renamed my Valuer lists in case that object name conflicted with portal names which were the same. Updated file attatched OK, fixed code again & removed new record creation scripts. I can now write to both windows at the same time, My issue is now multiple blank lines are being written to both portals. Updated file attached Daily Pre Start-UL.zip
  4. Cannot access second portal

    Hi All - I have attached a sample file, I cannot figure this out. I am trying to write portal rows into two separate portals (i will likely have four) using value lists. The first portal works no problem and no matter what I try I cannot get the second portal or another script to write to the second portal; can anyone help me please? Ultimately I will have this script run on record load? / record create to reduce steps a user needs to do. Daily Pre Start-UL.zip
  5. Copy Customer Address

    I have been trying to replicate this recommendation, could someone please show me where I am going wrong? Thank you CopyFieldUpload.fmp12
  6. Copy Customer Address

    HI Steve I will give this a try, cheers. Hi Comment - I understand your POV but I need this for our company, thanks.
  7. Hi All - I have a customers layout with two tabs, one is for the customer address and the other tab has the billing address. I want to have a check box with a label that says "Is Billing address the same as Customer Address?", that when ticked copies data from the customer address fields to information, as an example the CustomerStreetName field would be copied to BillingStreetName field. Could someone give me a basic example of how this might look please? Thanks
  8. Assignment not working

    Thanks Both for explaining the rules, I was simply trying to get maximum exposure on my question with different communities.
  9. Assignment not working

    Hello All – I need some assistance please, this is my first post here so apologies if I have not placed this post in the correct thread. I don’t understand how to stop this from happening, I am hoping some can show me why this is happening. I have attached my latest working file. PROBLEM: Whenever I assign a piece of plant to a job site via the DIESELS_PLANT Layout, the Site assignment does not stay and changes to the last site I assigned them; the plant however remains as set for that particular customer. I have two Customers, Four piece of plant and four job sites in my example. I used a join table as many customers have many sites and many sites can be related to many customers. I have assigned Sites to customers, I have assigned Plant to customers. No Problem. What I would like to see via a portal on the Customers layout is what plant they have assigned, what site it is at. Matrix: Site 1 = Plant 4 for customer Marvin the Martian Site 2 = Plant 3 for customer Michigan J. Frog Inc. Site 3 = Plant 2 for customer Marvin the Martian Site 4 = Plant 1 for customer Michigan J. Frog Inc. NOTE: I am unsure if this is bad practice or simply unnecessary but I serialized the _kf fields in the join table. Thank you DIG Error.fmp12

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