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  1. I am looking at making an email forwarding server. I previous did this with PHP, MYSQL together with Postfix mail server. Clients could register domain names and then get websites and mail forwarded. Filemaker exported a flat text file which was cturned into a mail forwarding table, using a shell script. I want to make life simple. Store list of email addresses plus forwarding addresses in a file maker database and get Filemaker to provide the forwarding server: Jason@123.com -> jason1234abc@gmail.com Bob@123.com -> bosemaiul989@me.com etc Also web forwarding, do www.123.com -> www.freeisp/myfreespace/index.htm Does anyone have any simple (and cheap!) plugin which can do this? I can probably do the email it with 360works but this is quite expensive and is over kill for what I want. Any better solutions? If I can set this up, I would also like to make a tiny uRL server. Since this is essentially a web forwarding service, this should be quite easy. I already own 2 three letter .uk domains.
  2. I have a table called Employees. These are either Current, Freelance, or No Longer Employed. I want a list available to select current employees. I have a filed called Currentcalc which is a 1 if the employee status is current. All I want to do is to go to an unrelated table and be able to select current employees from a lost. I simply cannot get my head around how to filter lists. I have tried every possible combination of settings and cannot understand the logic of filtered lists. This should be so simple but I have now wasted an entire day to it. I cannot find a simple explanation on how this works, anywhere. Can anyone explain to me how drop down lists, based upon a calculation filed work?

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