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  1. I know what you mean but I need portal because on this particular layout I also have additional data that don't fit the report. This layout/table concerns various activities of each member and being a sparring partner is just one of them. What I need is I guess, specific relation from "sparring partner" ( promotion table) to "name" (various activities table). In this way I'm able to list all promotions where one particular person was sparring partner. The problem is that sparring partner role is distributed in 3 different fields and I'm having a problem how to define relationship that wou
  2. OK. I have one record per promotion. So, if John is black belt I will have 7 records for each of his (successful) promotions/belts. Each promotion record has following fields: ID number, Name & Surname of student earning the belt, date of promotion, place of promotion, belt color, mentor, sparring partner 1, sparring partner 2, sparring partner 3, notes. There is 1 sparring match with 3 partners and only 1 person is eligible for promotion (the one that is getting the belt). Person who was a sparring partner can also be the student who earns the belt but this is not connecte
  3. Hi! Thank you for answering back. I can provide relationship graph but I will have to translate it to English. @Steve: I was not really precise. Belts table is actually a promotion table and the reason why I can't separate sparring from promotion is because It's part of the promotion i.e. there are 3 sparring partners at the promotion for each member getting a belt. There are no separate sparring sessions needed for record. @comment: Member A can be athe sparring partner of Member B Tnx!
  4. Hi! I have two separate questions regarding portals and how they work. Before I start let me describe what I'm doing. I'm constructing DB for local karate club. I have one table/layout with general info about members, I have second table/layout with records about belts (including color of the belt, when & where the belt was obtained, the mentor of the member & sparing partners of the member etc.) and I have 3rd table/layout that shows various activities of each member (there are also several other tables but not important for this topic). All tables are connected via key field (ID
  5. Hi! I have one portal problem that I simply don't understand. I have a layout with two sets of 3 portals. First set displays different data from related table 1 & second set from related table 2. First set of portals works fine. The second set also works fine except on one particular record. What is even more strange is that from 3 portals of second set, one portal always works on that record, second never and third started to work only after I recreated the record! This problematic record does not have any problems with first set of portals. Also, data of this record is not different
  6. Hi! Just to let you know, that I applied your solution and everything works fine. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hi! OK, you're right. I have a drop down field "Belts" that uses value list of several items (karate belts of various colors) and other radio button field called "Rank" that uses different value list with only three items in the list (beginner, intermediate, advanced). So, certain belts fall under one of those three ranks/items. What I could do is to manually choose specific belt and then designated rank but what I would like is when I manually choose specific belt that designated rank is automatically assigned.
  8. I guess this should be defined as the calculation in the auto-enter options of the field.. Something like, IF Field 1= value a THEN Field 2=value b. Sorry, if this doesn't make too much sense, I don't know how to explain it more precise.
  9. Hi! Thank you for your answer. I restructured my DB according to your suggestion and It works fine!
  10. Hi! I'm trying to create a script that would automatically set value in the radio button field from the assigned value list when value from the other list is manually selected to a drop-down field. Any help would be appreciated.. TNX!
  11. Hi! I should probably be more precise and I hope It won't get to complex. I'm creating DB for local karate team. As you probably know, they have different belts signifying level of acquired martial skill. This team in particular has lots of blue, brown and black belts members and each of them got their belts on various locations/events. The list of possible locations is fixed so I created a value list for this (Location A, Location B, Location C etc.). Since each member got his/her various belts on different location I have for each belt separate drop-down field called "Locatio
  12. Hi! Thank you for your answer. I might have structural problem but so far multiple fields that use same value list served my purpose. Well, it would be perfect if I could have grand summary in E.g.table view that would show total number of appearances of values from the list across multiple fields. I know I can do individual summary of values in table view for each field that use this list but this is not what I'm looking for.
  13. Hi! I have several fields in one table that use same value list. Is there a way I can count how many times values from this list appear in the fields? I'm aware I could count this for each field individually but I'm intrested to do this for all fields together. TnX!
  14. Hi! Thank you for your reply. Since I'm only a beginner, obvious solutions are not so obvious to me In the end I didn't use your suggestion but It helped me a lot to create my own. So thanks, once again. If [Id number::Table 1 ≠ Id number::Table 2] Go to layout ["Table 2" (Table 2)] Go to Record [First] Else Go to Related Record [...] End If
  15. HI! I am trying to create a script that will jump from one layout/table to the related record in another layout/table (if there is a related record) OR to the first record in the destination layout/table (if there is no related record). I know how to do this separetly but not as a part of the same script. Any ideas? I know I could create two buttons with different script but the idea is to have only one button that would perform either "Go to related record" or "Go to record first" if there is no related record in the destination table/layout. Thanks!
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