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  1. I wish to include on a form view layout a portal showing sub-summary totals of related records from a child table that is a few relations away. I have found solutions in this forum and elsewhere for similar setups but they have yet to generate expected results. Relationships: System –< Assembly –< AssemblyItem >— Part >— Material A System has multiple Assemblies and each Assembly has multiple AssemblyItems. Each AssemblyItem consists of a single Part made from one of several Materials. Objective: Display a portal on System-based layout that shows total number of Parts in the System by Material type. Example: As a simplified example, say I have a system containing 10 aluminum parts, 12 bass parts, and 4 plastic parts. The number of assemblies containing these parts is arbitrary. On the System layout there will be an always visible portal showing: Parts in System Aluminum 10 Brass 12 Plastic 4 I know there are other ways to achieve something like this, such as a stack of filtered one-row portals or using the calc engine on button bars. However, my database has several more materials that just three, the composition of parts in a system can be significantly different from that of another, and the types of available materials can change. Therefore, it seems like a portal would be the best solution. Can anyone offer some suggestions?
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