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  1. Apologies, the "correct part" would be the part associated with "Part Number" field
  2. Hi All, I can never seem to get my head around file paths and even more so when we need to use variables. Can any of you help me with the following please? What I have is an inventory system that has been adapted from the starter solutions, I have created a new field called colour. I have a folder system set up with lots of different colour folders i.e. black, blue, yellow etc... I would like to add a button that performs a script that goes to the correct colour folder so that I can select the correct part. The folder path containing these colours would be "/Users/USERNAME/Documents/FOLDER/FOLDER/FOLDER/FOLDER/HERE ARE THE COLOUR FOLDERS" if that makes sense.... I know this involves a variable using the colour field but cannot get my head around it. (I am aiming to then further this later on by being able to go straight to the part code within that folder without having to manually select one. I think I will be able to complete this once I have got used to doing the first part) Thank you to everyone who can help.
  3. Hi All, I'm currently looking for a way to use the Get(Device) to display its corresponding device name instead of the number as quoted below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nathan
  4. Thank You So Much. It works Perfect! I now understand what was wrong.
  5. Hi Guys, I've been trawling google and many forums for the last couple of days after numerous failed attempts, I'm now relying on the expertise of all of you. I currently have the following calculation: If ( IsEmpty ( Invoices::Search ) ; Invoices::Product Category Filter Popover = All Products | Popover::Category ; PatternCount ( List ( All Products | Popover::Item ; All Products | Popover::Supplier ; All Products | Popover::Internal ID ; All Products | Popover::Resale Price ) ; Invoices::Search ) > 0 and Invoices::Product Category Filter Popover = All Products | Popover::Category ) set up as a portal filter and it performs perfectly to what I needed when I was only testing with a few products in Inventory. I now have 36000+ records and would really like to only show items with a value of more than 0. I found a suitable calculation (subbed in my own field) on filemaker: If (All Products | Popover::Stock < 1; 0; 1) But cannot find the right area to add to my above calculation. Can anyone help??? Thanks Nathan
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