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  1. Wow!!!! thanks a lote, work really really nice, is perfect, thanks Bruce
  2. thanks I will double test it, sorry i made a mistake using role is more like the person position in the company for example i will have in company one the same IT Manager, and he can be assign to any project from the company one... thanks again
  3. i think solve it .... i i add i dropdown menu from client_pk with this i add to the project the client that ones the project then i add (+) BUTTON in my portal with this script Go to Object [ Object Name: "Portal" ] Go to Portal Row [ Select; Last ] Set Field [ ProjectRoles::client_name; project::_client_fk ] Commit Records/Requests [ No dialog ] so i add new row with just the person from current client ... may be is not the best way, i'm open to improvements thanks all for you help and ideas.... test.fmp12
  4. thanks so much for the advice and the file is really helpful but i still can get the result the i want
  5. OK i solve the issue of showing only related person from a current company but in the portal i just can add one row, how can just select one client and let me any more than one person to the portal test.fmp12
  6. i try what you say with out any luck , attack you will see, thanks for your patience test.fmp12
  7. Thanks i just attach a diagram of what i want to accomplish i hope is much clear now, thanks again
  8. Hello i'm new in FM, i making a data for my company, and i have a problem i been like to 2 days try to solved with out any luck, i have 3 tables: the company(table "company") can have many projects (table "projects") and the projects can have many person in charge (table "in_charge") and i have a 4th table "project_incharge" in other to add specific person to specific project so far i got the picture clear the problems is wen i add a portal to the projects table, and to a a record to it from the people in charge i just want to see the people charge for the current client, but i see the l
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