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  1. Hi Fitch Thank you for the response, unfortunaly I can't seem to get this to work I am not great at this!! Kassy
  2. Hi I have been asked to set up something that will send out email automaticly when the date in the "review date" field is 14 days prior to the current date, can someone help me with a script that would be able to perfom this task? I have also created and email field that will hold the email address. thank you Kassy
  3. Hi, Is there a way to have popover button within a popover button? when I have tried this and double click to open it in layout mode the tool options open but not the button itself. Can anyone help or advice me what I am doing wrong?
  4. KassK

    Conditional Format Date

    your awesome, thank you so very much
  5. KassK

    Conditional Format Date

    Thanks for this the field "Letter Received" field is red to begin with is there a way to have this not be red to start with?
  6. Hi I am hoping someone can help me to do the below. I have two fields 1 "Letter Sent" field(date) and 2 "Letter Received" field (date). I would like the "Letter Received" field to go red if no dated entered 7 days after the date entered in "Letter Sent" field. I hope that makes sense.

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