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  1. I have a solution with 4 Databases. There is the main-data-database on a Filemaker Server (only data, no relationships in the Table-Occurences (TOs)) and a GUI Database on the Desktop (only Layouts, TO's are included from the Server-Database and on this TO's the relationships are defined, so I can use them in the Layouts. Than I have a 3rd database, which is a subset of the server database and lies on an iPad. This 2 data-databases will be synchronised by MirrorSync. And the 4th Database is a special GUI Database on the iPad which uses the 3rd database for Data. The iPad GUI Database also hold
  2. Thanks for all replies. Now I created a custom privilege set where I changed the Edit and Delete capabliities to ‘Limited’ and set the formula to IsEmpty(lockRecord) OR lockRecord unequal to "Y".
  3. Hi, I've a solution with FilemakerGo where the users insert data. When all data is inserted, the user clicks a button which sets the field "lockRecord" to "Y" and from now on, changes should be avoided. I tried the following solution, that I inserted a rectangle control on top over all fields, and set the "Hide object if" to lockRecord unequal to "Y". This works fine as long as the rectangle control has a background-color. But in this case, I can't see the underlaying fields anymore ;-) When I set the background-color to transparent, I can see all fields with values, but changing of the f
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