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  1. Hashir Raja

    Scanned documents

    Hi there, I am creating a database for client payment management. I would like to be able to scan documents to be viewed within Fmp easily. What is the best way to manage scanned documents with Fmp? Best practices? Should they be saved remotely? How can I link a client file to show scanned documents in a portal?
  2. Hashir Raja

    High volume of records

    Hey thanks for the reply. They will connect through fmp go. In order to get xml import, how does that work? Is there a script I have to constantly run incase the vendor sends new data? Also, what is the best way to archive old data? And when does it normally need to be archived? I would imagine the only reason for that would be that you're running out of memory .
  3. Hashir Raja

    High volume of records

    Hi, I would like to know of how well Filemaker can handle large amounts of data in a table. Our current system which is not in Filemaker, gets record with passenger information through xml . We get records as soon as they are available , sometimes 10 to 20 records an hour. On a weekly basis we would have about 4000 records. How would I store these records so they can be viewed later on for reporting purposes? I can imagine how big the database would get within a year or two. There will also be about 40 concurrent connections through iPad . Employees that connect through iPad will only have access to about 2 or 3 layouts. Its a dispatch system. Will Filemaker be able to handle all these records? Also we get records a day or two in advance so I would only be showing with record that matches the current date. Will a find request to filter through a lot of records be rough on performance ?
  4. Hashir Raja

    Portal auto sizing

    Okay, I have pics below to describe the situation. One is layout mode, and other is browse mode. Basically, as you can see in the 1st pic, layout mode, I have the layout sized at 1024 x 768. This way I can fit the monitor size that is small as well as larger. I have everything anchored. The portal and the tab control are both anchored to stretch left and right. In layout mode, the portal is sized to fit the layout. If you see, there is no more space to put more fields as the portal space is full. However, when you go to browse mode, as in the 2nd pic, the portal extends and more space is available for the fields. I would like to keep the layout size to what it is now because we have some computers that have small monitors and large monitors. I would like this to work with all sizes.
  5. Hashir Raja

    Portal auto sizing

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I'll add screen shots when I get back to my laptop. The portal is anchored and it sizes properly when switching to browse mode. The issue is, I have layout view set to 1024 x 768. The portal in layout mode is small due to layout size and it does not fit all my fields. In browse mode, since I have auto sizing, the portal expands and has room for more fields. I would like to keep the layout small to fit smaller monitor sizes as well as bigger ones.
  6. Hashir Raja

    Portal auto sizing

    Hi, this is my first post here. I am very impressed with the power of Filemaker Pro. I think of myself as between novice and intermediate user. I am in the middle of creating a database for an office. I have a question regarding layout sizing and portals. At the moment, in layout mode, my layout is 1024 x 768. I have auto sizing on to fit onto different screen sizes. Everything was working out great until I hit a bump. My portal is in this layout. I have the portal to resize when in browse mode. This works well. However, my problem is this: There is a lot of room in the portal in browse mode however, since in my portal size is small in layout mode, I am not able to fit all fields in there. If I put fields off to the right which gets out of the layout boundaries, the portal does not catch the field in browse mode. I hope I explained this well. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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