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  1. Scrolling problems in Windows

    Hi Wim, thanks for replying. This is using FMP on Windows. I haven't tested every resolution/zoom level, but I've tried a few of each and it's happening at each one.
  2. Scrolling problems in Windows

    Hi FileMaker people, I used to use FileMaker on a Mac, but have recently switched to a Windows 10 computer. I was developing a database on the Mac, but since moving to PC I'm getting a lot of horizontal lines, blurred text and broken borders, images and buttons as I scroll. I've attached three screenshots as examples - these are happening on most layouts, most of the time. The solution is hosted remotely on a Windows 2012 server. I didn't have these problems when I used a Mac, and I've looked at it on a coworker's Mac over the same internet connection and the problem didn't occur. I don't have another Windows machine I can test this on, but I did notice the problem (although it was far less severe) running FileMaker on a Windows virtual machine on my old Mac. I assumed it was a problem with the virtual machine, but it looks like a broader issue. The customer who will eventually use the solution will run it on Windows machines. At this stage it's so ugly and hard to read I'm not sure we can use it. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks in advance, John
  3. Load Data Local Infile SQL Query

    I'm trying to load data into the Amazon RDS db. Sequel Pro and FM are both connected to the same host db using the same ODBC driver. I figure the ODBC driver supports the syntax, since the query works on Sequel Pro. The fact that I'm getting a "forbidden" error rather than a syntax error when it doesn't work suggests that Filemaker supports the command, but I don't know for sure.
  4. Load Data Local Infile SQL Query

    Hey Wim, Thanks for looking into this. I didn't realise this was a problem. I'll make sure that the script doesn't reference a file from a container field. That said, it still doesn't solve the issue I first raised. I've tried running the SQL query to load data from a text file that's not stored in Filemaker at all, it still doesn't work. I've run the query with text file sitting in the desktop. Sequel Pro works, Filemaker doesn't. They're both using the same ODBC driver and the same user account on the same external database. Is this a problem with Filemaker's local_infile configuration, or is something else going on?
  5. Load Data Local Infile SQL Query

    The container field is set to "Store container data externally', so the text file isn't in the FM database. Sequel Pro can access the file without an xDBC driver. The folder that holds the externally stored container field contents does not have file sharing enabled. As far as I know, file sharing isn't necessary for the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE SQL statement. I've had no problems with running these statements in Sequel Pro with the input file in a range of different locations without file sharing enabled. I don't think the file being in a container field is the issue here. If I run a LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement in Filemaker's execute SQL script step it gives the "forbidden" error regardless of the file's location. If I run the same scripts in Sequel Pro, they work.
  6. Load Data Local Infile SQL Query

    It's 1408 error: Load data local infile forbidden.
  7. Load Data Local Infile SQL Query

    Yep. The text file is in a container field, stored externally. Trying to load that into the Amazon database. I've got a query that works in Sequel Pro, but doesn't work in Filemaker Execute SQL script step.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to use Filemaker to manage a mysql database on Amazon RDS. I'm trying to set up an import layout that will allow users to load data into into the RDS database. Mostly, Filemaker and mysql are playing well together. But I'm getting a problem when I try import data using LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE . I've run the query successfully with a different client on the same database (Sequel Pro) but when I run it using the Execute SQL script step in Filemaker I get an error, with the message "Load data local infile forbidden". I've looked around online, and it seems like I need the server and client to both enable 'local_infile'. I know it's enabled on the server (because I can check manually, and the query works on a different client). Does anyone know how to check or change this within Filemaker? Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas as to how I might work around this? Unfortunately I can't call a stored procedure on the server because the query relies on variables. My understanding is that you can't use variables in a LOAD DATA INFILE statement on the server, and you can't use LOAD DATA INFILE in a prepared statement. Does anyone know how to change the local_infile variable within the Filemaker mysql client, or failing that, does anyone have a good workaround for the restriction on variables with the LOAD DATA INFILE statement if I run it on the server? In case it's not already blatantly obvious, I don't really know what I'm doing, so any help (especially help that is dumbed down) would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, John

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