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  1. If i would like to use class table to show the maximum score and the related test date, what should i do?
  2. so i need to delete the existing relationship of the database, right?
  3. Yes.You are right so i need to create a join table of class line item to test history table?
  4. Yes. but the user would like to have a report with class A or Class B, not both
  5. A student could enroll in different classes test is not specific to any class students could take for more than once for same test students could take test as they wish
  6. Thank you. Actually, my client would like to have a report like Class A Student Name Age Date of Birth Maths Score English Score Peter 12 1992/4/6 60 70 Jenny 13 1991/3/8 70 50 And the score is the maximum score that the student get of all the test the student attended. A student could get a test for many times, so i use a portal to present all the test detail of a student. Is it better to have a summary repo
  7. Thank you. so i need to delete the class and test table?
  8. Thank you. i have read the filemaker training series(beginner and advanced), several forums and videoes. anyway, thank you for your advice. Is it a good idea to directly connect student to test history table?
  9. Thank you. so you mean i should reading some books? what books you will suggest? i should create a new relationship of test history and class item table?
  10. Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. i am now working on student database. The following is the problem i face. The relationship of my database is shown as follows student >> Class >> Class Line Item(portal) , student>>test>>test history(portal) so in the class layout user could see details of a class. In the test layout, user could find out the test history of a student. My client now would like to have a report based on the class line item showing the highest score of the student. But my original idea is to separate
  11. Thank you. so you mean i should have a data entry layout first and then go to report layout and data sorted by food? so the data should be specific to that customer? right
  12. Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. I am developing an invoice database. Here is the situation. My idea is creating 4 tables. Invoice table, invoice line item table, line items details table and a client's table. the relationship are invoice-->invoice line item, client-->invoice, invoice line item<-- line item details table. The layout should be something like the attachment. The most difficult thing is the description part. The invoice template of the client divide the description into several parts, for example, part one, part two and p
  13. If i combine them into one table, i need to create 4 layouts using same table with corresponding fields. But one problem is the school table links to other table for other application.
  14. Thank you. May be my description is not clear enough. my client would like to print this form out or save as pdf so they don't prefer scroll bar in text field. The subtitle box(sports/music/clubs) also requires sliding or hiding.
  15. Thank you. There are other information store in school and university respectively.For example, email, contact, system, organisation etc. On the other hand, the university store the undergradrate population, GPA, interview policy, etc. so in this case, is that ok to combine them into one. As number of records increase annually, will it be difficult to manage the data?
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