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  1. Big thanks, worked like a charm
  2. Hi all! Have a new question. Is it possible to make FM do custom formating in a field? Like I have one field with numbers. These number can vary but are 9 numbers long. Let's say I have the number: 574318762 How can I make FM format that number like this: 574 318 762 I seems to be unable to find any options for that in the layout. As always grateful for help JohanA
  3. Problem are now solved. The flickering is now gone. The only thing that flickers now is the button that activates the script, but think it's the button itself that does it. Have to check the settings on the button for that. Anyhow, what I did was this: I moved the "Freeze Window" step down below the "Go To Layout ["OrderData" (OrderData)]" and removed the "Refresh Window []" on line 12. This stoped the annoying flicker evrytime I pushed the button.
  4. Hello. Here I come with yet another question. I am making a solution that I am gonna use on my Ipad. I have a script that adds a new record in the portal, by grabbing the ID from the table the portal is on and then going to the related table and adding the data to a new row there. That works fine, except for one issue. The Ipad screen flickers, even if I use the "Freeze Window" script step. It does not flicker on my PC. I have taken a screenshot showing the whole script, note that soame of the table names are in Swedish. Is there another way to add rows to a portal or is the
  5. Hi! I hope I found the correct place to post this question this time, if not I am sorry. Anyhow I want to know if someone have any experience making a sulution that works with a portable card reader, like IZettle. I have searched on both google and here and have not found anything to go on. Do anyone know if it is possible?
  6. After much fiddeling around I managed to get it to work I must have been blind, you sad " The portal will only show fields from that products table " , but stubborn as I was I added the global result field to the portal, which did not work at all Anyhow, huge thanks. Now I can move on and get this solution working.
  7. I am having trouble showing the result in the portal. I am using Set Field to set the results in. It's a global field and the portal is showing that field and another. The problem is if I get many rows of data, it all gets put in one line. It just shows the first line, all other lines is there but I have to click in the portal for them to show. Any ideas on how to make it show on seperate rows? The Set Field script step looks like this, the variable the data is in is named "te": Set Field [Order::keyh_PORTALFILTER; $$te & ¶]
  8. Do anyone have a clue on how to output the result from a ExecuteSQL to a portal? When I tried Set Field and have multiply rows of data it got put into one field
  9. Huge thanks webko, was going nuts on why it did not work Now I have to figure out how to fill the portal, on the video I watched ge used the SetKey if I arent misstaken.
  10. Hi all, new user on the block Anyhow, I want to be able to search a table from another table. I have tried using ExecuteSQL, but I seem to not be able to make it so I can for an example type "89547" instead off "895476", using the wildcard %.It only returns ?. In the example file I attached I think I have been able to explain it more clearly. It has 1 000 randomly generated data to test on. It does not however contain any scripts. If anyone could help me get on track I would be very grateful :=) Regards JohanA Example.fmp12
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