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  1. Agnes that's what I ended up doing, Jeremy Brown over in community.filemaker.com was very helpful and pointed me in that exact direction (see link below). Thanks for the link to that filemaker file it looks really useful. Rivet, I was recommended against running an ExecuteSQL function in the html because of the fact it can run whenever it wants and it can take longer to complete the task. I'm sure I'll need to use that function soon, thanks https://community.filemaker.com/message/615327
  2. Hi, I can't seem to get filemaker pro to plot google charts the way I want them in web viewer. I want the graph to look something like this: ...Seems it would be pretty basic at first but I can't get this particular multi-series chart to work. It needs to plot ALL the records and MORE THAN ONE series. I've created one table called 'MyTable' with 3 fields 'CarName', 'CarSpeed' and 'CarWeight'. I've populated the table with 5 records. CarName on the Y-Axis, and against this, CarSpeed and CarWeight are plotted on the X-Axis as 2 series. i.e. series one is 'CarName' vs 'CarSpeed', seri
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