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  1. Hello, I have a Script that takes an image located in a Container Field and exports it to a designated folder. I have tested this when exporting it to a local machine and it works. On the script, I have it exporting to our FileMaker Server. I have a field that is set to show the path of the export location. When I execute the script, it shows the proper path, but the file inside of the container is not being exported. *I have made sure the folder security allows the server Write access to the folder. *The initial script that executes the script on a server is working properly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Attached is a picture of my script.
  2. Hello, I am fairly new to FileMaker and I have designed an Inventory Management DB. In one of my layouts, I have a list of the current inventory. The layout is configured as a List View layout. I have 2 Groups of multiple tabs which show details of the item being viewed. One thing I have noticed is when I switch tabs on the selected record, ALL of the tabs in the list also switch. e.g. If I have 3 Tabs: Info, Details, and Notes If I switch to the Details Tab, the rest of the records in the list view also switch to the Details Tab. Is there a way to make sure that only the record I am viewing in the List View switches tabs? Thank you all for your help. Cheers.
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