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  1. the later of the two. I have an existing spreadsheet that we use (pic 1) Pic2 is a portion of the paysheet we give them. We would like to convert it to a database. It works in excel, but lots of room for errors. Usually we have lots of error checking as these contractors are very finicky. If we miss a load we hear about it.
  2. we are trying to implement a solution where we use a shared solution (only two computers) setup. How would I need to distinquish sales (invoices) from each machine. I think the Get(persistantId) would work but I thought I read that this function doesn't work in a shared environment. Only local versions of the file work for get(persistantid). I tried to implement this and it seems to be that's the way it is indeed..I set up a script to capture the id of the machine when the program is opened on and it does capture the id on the (host) main file but upon opening the remote (client) the script do
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