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  1. Hi, we recently switched gateways from Plug n' Pay to PayTrace, but we are suddenly finding that the returned raw response has significantly less data. If a card fails it does not even give us the reason why it failed. Also I've tried capturing the transaction data using CCLast___ and nothing seems to give any good information. Am I missing something? Is this something to discuss with the gateway? Have any other people using 360works with PayTrace found a way to handle this?
  2. So far our use of this plugin has been pretty good, bugs here and there but most of them I can resolve. This one is a mystery though. I have a function to download all attachments from a specific email stored in our system. But I am not able to retrieve a particular set of emails from a specific customer. The message IDs are all similar to this: <!&!AAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAALLi+hrEVABOj2ib/7oIoqfCgAAAEAAAAKt9fB+1hIdJkPQoDGtgdGoBAAAAAA==@[...]> (note: I replaced the customer's domain with [...] for confidentiality) I've verified that this is the same exact ID as the message on the gmail server. We're connecting via IMAP with forceTrust set to true. I'm retrieving the message using: EmailReadMessages ( "mailbox=Processed" ; "readonly=true" ; "messageId=" & $messageID ; "attachments=true" ; "progress=true" ) And that does not return an error, but when I call EmailGetNextMessage it returns 0 as in there is no email found. I've also verified that the email is in the Processed folder. I suspect that it may have something to do with the the message ID starting with "!&!" after the brackets or the "==" before the domain... but that is just a guess without knowing more about how the plugin may work behind the scenes. Any ideas?
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