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  1. We have had 360 works super container for years and it has work flawlessly up until now. If you upload a single image, it works fine. However, if I try to upload a folder of items, it crashes (or gives me the spinning ball of death) on the following line of code. Set Field [ Prefs::gpluginCall ‘ SCSetContainer( Document::cDocumentURL; $CurrFile) ] The variable Currently file is the file path. If I downgrade back to FileMaker 14 Pro Advanced (FileMaker 14 Pro for all of the other users) it works absolutely fine but as soon as you upgrade back to FileMaker 15, it crashes. Do you know of any compatibility issues with the SCSetContainer in Filmmaker 15? We are also getting errors with renaming a document after it has been uploaded but it works fine in 14 as well. Running FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.0.220 (Same issue happens on FileMaker 15 Pro) Running Sierra 10.12.2 FileMaker Server is running FileMaker 15 Server (even after you downgrade back to FM 14) FileMaker Server is currently on El Capitan (10.11.6) in case Sierra messed up things more. Server has Java 8 update 111 build 14 Has your company seen any issues with upgrading to Sierra?

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