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  1. Hidden Popover Script?

    I Agree. Especially when you're working on a layout another developer has started. A button that doesn't have any borders is basically invisible to add to the challenge. The view>button helped, it adds a small icon to the buttons in the lower right corner. A simple object manager like what Corel Draw or Photoshop has would have saved me 2 days of work. It would be nice to be able to click through all objects on a layout. They could add it to the inspector.
  2. Hidden Popover Script?

    So I figured it out! It was the button that is over the Add Item Popover portal fields in the Invoices "module"...I had moved it behind the portal fields (Send Backward) when I duplicated it so that I could update the portal fields (you can't click on the fields when the button is over them). However, once it was moved, I couldn't see it and basically forgot about it. There isn't any little script icon attached to it either, so I was forgetting about it when I made all the script changes. And even though it was under the fields, it was still activating. Once I figured out what was going on, I found the button underneath the fields and was able to fix the script and the parameters. BOOM! Works like a charm now. Thanks for the replies and suggestions!
  3. Hidden Popover Script?

    Yes it has an OnObjectExit set to trigger a script. The problem is when I run it through the debugger it is bringing up a different script. I don't understand where it is getting this from? The weird thing is I can delete the OnObjectExit trigger and it will still call for that wrong script. Seems something else is triggering it, I just can't find it.
  4. I'm using FM Starting Point and duplicated the Invoice "module" (layout with tables, tos, etc.) to create an Orders "module". I dutifully went through and changed the fields, relationships, scripts, etc. etc. However, when I click Add Item and the Popover Button appears, when I select a product it is not being added to the order. So I ran the debugger while going through the process and the debugger shows that the old OnObjectExit script (from the Invoice "module") is being called for. I double checked all the scripts and TOs and everything and all do indicate they are the correct new ones I created (by duplicating the Invoice ones) for the orders. So why is it still calling for the old script? And how do I fix it? I tried clicking Edit Script in the Debugger but it is grayed out when running the Debugger.

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