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  1. I am looking to create a system to administer and report on a series of timed services. I have most of it in place. I can create a new record for one hour, or 2 hours or whatever and produce reports daily weekly or monthly. The bit I am missing out on is a countdown timer for each event (portal record). When I create a new record with a value of 60 minutes I would like to include a timer which you can start, pause, stop, add X minutes to etc. When this timer expires I would like to sound a chime until acknowledged. There would be more than one record visible in the portal simultaneously and all could have active timers running. Is this possible? Are there countdown timer plugins or functions I should investigate?
  2. I want to start at 1 for the next quarter, but it is currently 13 days before the end of this quarter. Logically I could start auto-enter serial at -13 and incrememtn by 1. So the first record would be -13, then -12 etc. Doesn't seem to like it. First record is -13, second is -14. Is this a bug, a feature, or known behaviour?
  3. Excellent! The option is what I am looking for.
  4. I have a portal that shows records from another table. They are 'available' or not currently assigned records. The problem is that the list is too long. I would like to be able to filter the list by entering characters in a Filter field. The relationship currently looks like this: Available = yes I would like something like: Available = yes and Filter (is a substring of) Productname I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that.
  5. I'll go back and see if I can replicate in fm7.
  6. I couldn't use this as it it based on a related field. I will modify your example and see if I can demonstrate. Before I do, can you accept fmp12 files?
  7. I got the multiple field relationships working and if I change a field manually it updates just fine. Never knew that was possible. And I converted my calculations to lookups so the values will remain even if I change the prices later. Thanks for that. I have one field which is DurNo which is of a calculation. I have a drop down field which is a list of values from a separate table (durations). The values are '1 hour', '2 hours' and 'Half hour' and they have the corresponding values 60, 120, 30. So when you select '1 hour' for the Duration the DurNo recalculates to the corresponding value and I thought this would trigger a recalculation of the cost. No go. I changed the duration calculation to a lookup as well and it seems to have resolved my problem. Still not really sure why dependent calculations don't update though.
  8. It is a calculation field. On the Relationship, do you make multiple relationship string between the tables? Profile updated.
  9. I have a look up table of products with parameters such as style, size, colour etc and of course price. In another table I have the items ordered which allows you to choose a style, size, and colour and looks up the price form the products table. I achieve this calculation using a field which contains a concatenated string like this 'style-size-colour' in both tables and a relationship based on this field. I use this relationship to return the price. It works the first time, but when I change one of the parameters the price is not immediately updated. How do I force a refresh?
  10. Brilliant! Thanks for that. It's been decades since I played with scripting in Filemaker and a lot has changed.
  11. On a further issue, how do I get the page to refresh? One portal is showing available records and the other, liked records. When I Set Field to the value of the main record it is no longer Available but is now related. If I remove the focus (click somewhere else) it updates. There must be a fucntion for this. I have tried 'Refresh Window'.
  12. I was doing a bunch of copy and pasting etc but Set Field works first go. Thanks.
  13. I have a FileMaker layout with a portal to another table. The relationship shows all unassigned records (related < 1). On each portal row I have a button which runs a script. The idea is that when you press the button the a value from the main record is copied and pasted into a field in the portal row (and as a result the portal record becomes 'assigned' and is removed from the portal. I have the button running a script and pasting the value from the main record but it is pasting it in the first portal record, not the one whose button was clicked. Is there a simple way of having the value pasted into the portal record where the button was clicked or do I have to store the record number (or something) and paste back to that record?
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