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  1. Thanks. I was trying to overcomplicate things by trying to reference via the last ID to get to the field I wanted. I just use Last(field I wanted) and it did the trick. Cheers
  2. Hello I have 2 tables linked by pk and fk. They are jobs and quotes. A job can have a few versions of a quote, the last one being the most up to date. I can find the latest related record and return that field, but I want to return the cost of that single related record too. I have tried using If (latest related record=pk of record ; cost; 0) but it doesn't work. Any help appreciated - I am sure it is pretty simple. Thanks W
  3. Thanks Comment - that does the trick - so simple and everyone happy.
  4. I guess they want to click in the field where they want the company result and not to the left of it.
  5. Thanks comment. I actually have this set up as you describe. My users are picky and want consistency throughout - see attached. Would it be possible to select the organisation from a drop down and have it all populate the ID via a calculation?
  6. Hello I am sure the answer to my question is out there, but because it is so general, I have found a lot of unrelated stuff. I have three tables as seen in the attached. I am working in a layout based on Job Sheet Main and have a portal displaying Job Roles. I wish to select an organisation (company) by name (not ID) in this portal and have the CompanyID auto enter. Which is the simplest way to do this please? Thanks
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