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  1. Dear Community, I am looking to have my zulu instance to create google calendar events based on a specific timezone (Australia/Adelaide), So I modified the zulu.xml file accordingly and restarted my Tomcat server through 360Works Admin. Purged the existing data and did "reset sync data", the Syncing machine is in europe/Paris timezone The Google Calendar is also set to the same timezone (Australia/Adelaide). Sync is not applying the Australian time but the local timezone. Any clue, what I am doing wrong ? Thank you in advance for your answers. Joel
  2. Dear All, Looking to use the Google Attendees function and cannot get the attendees status kept in the calendar as stated in the documentation " If attendees are marked as attending or not attending in Google/Exchange will maintain their status,..." (http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Zulu_2_Attendees) But this is not the behavior I can see during my test. Example, When I accept an invite, my status change in my calendar, but if I update the activity an resynch, the Invite status is not kept in my calendar. Any clue ? Thank you in advance, Joel.
  3. Dear Ryan, Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately this didin't work. Had the same error as in my original post. Sorted it differently by installing zulu on a dedicated computer. Thank you. Joel.
  4. Dear All, My zulu 2.1 calendarSync java just crashed and when trying to restart it with 360Works Admin I am getting an error message (see attachment). Everything was working smoothly for months... Tried to uninstall and reinstall, but no luck got a deployment error (see attachment). Any advice ? Running on FM Server 16 / Win2008R2 SP1 Thank you in advance. Joel
  5. Hello, Came back on my post. We are running FMServer 16 on Windows 2008R2 SP1. My temporary solution is to restart the FMSHelper.exe process on a daily bases. Nothing very hitech, but solving it for the moment. Joel.
  6. Hello all, Thank you for your answer. My mistake, copied the wrong fmx into the wrong folder due to multiple installation instances of the Filemaker client. Sorry for the inconvenience. Problem fixed on my side. Joel.
  7. Hello, I am running a dual server configuration. The FMSHelper.exe process on the worker machine is constantly increasing its memory used until it get stuck once no memory is available. Any clue on how to fix this ? Thank you. Joel.
  8. Hello, Currently running a FMS16, I have the same problem: the FM 16 client does not load the plugin. It works well with a FM15 Client. Upgrade the the latest version of the plugin, but still having the same problem. Can you give me some more advice ? Thank you.
  9. Dear all, Deploying zulu 2.1 on 2 FMServer 15 configuration. Everything went fine until I try to do a "Sync Now!". System is returning : java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.prosc.sync.AbortException: JDBC query failed Running on MS Windows Server 2008r2 / Java version 8 update 111 Any help is welcome. Joel.
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