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  1. Migrating to Plugin Generated by ScriptMaster

    I did successfully use Digital Assistant to replace the ScriptMaster modules with ones from the generated plugin. if anyone is interested in how I approached the transition, I did the following: I copied the script steps registering the functions and appended a unique string at the beginning of each function name within the copied set. Do not modify the original set of functions. This should create a duplicate set of functions with altered function names. I registered both my original functions and the copied functions. Using the Digital Assistant, I replaced the original functions called throughout all scripts with the copied function I used SMReset to clear out the registered functions I register copied functions Do not register the original functions Using the Digital Assistant, I removed the appended string from the functions called throughout all scripts This works because I cleared the original functions registered by ScriptMaster, which left the functions with the same name from the plugin. Filemaker appropriately associated the functions with the plugin, rather than ScriptMaster. It was a bit of a process, but a whole lot easier and faster than manually updating every reference through the Script Workplace.
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased the Advanced copy of Scriptmaster, after using free edition for several years now. One of the primary reasons for the purchase was to compile the scripts into a Plugin, which has some speed gains (and I'm hoping a few stability gains as well.) I compiled all our scripts into a plugin, however, and found that the functions from the plugin do not replace the functions created by Scriptmaster. This may mean that I need to overwrite each call made to the original Scriptmaster function with the new one of the same name, but from the generated plugin. Is there any method to make this faster, however? While not an ideal solution, I could use 2empowerFM's Digital Assistant to replace the function called, however this would likely require that I append a string to the function name to ensure that there is no confusion between the two. I'll do this if I must, but I was hoping to hear other suggestions.
  3. Error when generating plugin

    I just purchased Scriptmaster Advanced, and entered in the license. When I attempt to generate a plugin, it gives the error: Server error: Unable to retrieve Scriptmaster license I've sent in a support request, but I wondered if anyone had experienced this error as well, and if it would be a simple fix from my end. Thanks! David Silverthorn

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