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  1. I hope the it. Im trying to just update a regular non global field on a layout now now but still problem: $update_url = 'https://'.$dbhost.'/fmi/data/vLatest/databases/'.$dbname.'/layouts/'.$dblayout.'/records/'.$recordID Yes. It was a problem with the URL. Capital vs small i in a variable name. I need a break...Thanks for forcing me to dig into the url as the likely cause!!
  2. I think I might have come closer to determining my issue. For some reason the "PATCH" http Verb does not seem to work for me when I try to change a global or even update a regular field. It gives : {"messages":[{"message":"Resource doesn't support the specified HTTP verb","code":"1704"}],"response":{}}1. I think I am having some kind of problem with record updates via the API. Looks like permissions are ok. Finds etc. work fine. Any idea why PATCH verb wouldn't work for record updates? Thanks again for any ideas.
  3. Well once I have a layout showing all the records in the loans table. I enter a particular investor's id in the global field. Now I can see the amount of each loan owned by that particular investor in the "investor balance owned" field for each loan record in the loans table. Once I have that I want to then eliminate all the loans for which the investor has $0 in the balance owned field. So I do the find to bring into my web app only the loans he/she actually owns some of. Looks like I will need to keep at it as one of my webpages will need this to work will post here know if anyt
  4. Thx very much for the troubleshoot/feedback! The only troubleshoot I could think to do was to to a) verify that I received "ok" resp when setting the global (which I did) and b) verify that setting the global and then performing the find directly in the file worked fine(which it did). Gremlins or maybe weirdness of the relationship calc I setup maybe based on summation of added and subtracted values in related fields etc.
  5. Thanks for all the help. Here is long summary: The db structure is a little hairy and I'm not saying I did it the best way but I have a table of loans that contains data about each loan. I have a table where investors record buying and selling of interests in each loan. ie: investor id-buyer, investor id-seller, loan id, amount bought/sold, etc, plus a field that contains both the buyer and seller id in it. I have a relationship between the loans table and the buy-sell table based on the global investor id set in the loans table that scripts set when needed, which is related to the field i
  6. '{"query":[{"TOTAL_This_Investor_Amount_Owned":">1"}], "sort":[{"fieldName": "PrimaryKey", "sortOrder":"descend"}]}'; This is the find request called after the global field is updated to the specific investor's id successfully. The url: 'https://'.$dbhost.'/fmi/data/vLatest/databases/'.$dbname.'/layouts/'.$dblayout.'/_find'
  7. oops. You are correct. I meant to say I need to set a global field value on the layout and then perform a find request which depends on that global field value being set. The API call seems to set the global field value without error, which will normally results in a few records with values >0 in certain fields on the layout. When I then try to subsequently perform a find request via the API after setting the global filed value, it responds that there are no records on the layout with value of a certain field >0. This would only be the case if the global field value was not set w
  8. I am trying to set a global variable on a layout, then run a find query using the Data API. I get a successful response to the request to set the global field, but then when I post the find query url, I get no records found. Is the global variable I set sticking for the subsequent find request? I'm worried its not and I don't know how to make it stick if that's the case. Thanks for any ideas.
  9. I've got to tabulate the daily interest charges on Loans from Loan inception to current date. I've got a PRINCIPAL_ACCOUNTS table. Each transaction in that table has a date and an amount of increase or decrease in the principal balance, and the updated outstanding balance as fields. Ive got a similar INTEREST_RATE changes table to track each time the user changes his/her borrower's rate including date of change and what the new rate is as fields. Ive got a DAILY INTEREST CHARGES TABLE that captures the outstanding principal balance, the RATE in effect, and has calc field for th
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