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  1. Thanks guys for the replies. I remember when working with IWP that I needed to have buttons for the "next 25" and "previous 25" in found sets, since that's all IWP could handle. I haven't looked into how to recreate a list view with only XX numbers of records per page (some sort of portal perhaps?) but that would definitely speed things up. Regardless, I've got Android people to deal with so I'm still stuck with the browser issue. (Perhaps I can put my webidrect solution in an android app that uses Chrome's web engine?) I'll double check my fmreauthenticate privileges, and hope the bug gets worked out. Thanks so much!
  2. I'm wrapping my head around the Standby Server feature, and there's only one aspect that I can't figure out. I use Webdirect, so I'm forwarding port 80 to the internal ip address assigned to my primary server. If that were to go down, my standby server would take over - but it's assigned a different ip address - so my router's port forwarding rules will still be pointing to the ip address of the primary server. Is this accurate? If so, is there a way around this?
  3. I've developed a webdirect solution which is working great on desktops, but I'm running into a weird quirk on mobile. When users leave safari (on an iphone) and make a call, open their calendar, etc - even for as little as 3 minutes - when they come back to safari they have to re-authenticate because the session has expired. (This is for a sales team that makes calls and schedules appointments, so they spend 2-5 minutes on the phone and in their calendar app before returning to safari to enter the details into the database.) My guess is the phone is suspending safari processes to conserve battery, and if the users open other apps it's forcing safari to need to reload the page, hence the re-authenticate. I have set the session timeout to 20 minutes on FMS, and I have no issues on desktops, so there must be something on the client side triggering this. One alternative I thought of was to use Filemaker GO. (At least for the IOS users.) I don't have the issue there, but sorting is dreadful in FM Go. I love how webdirect handles sorting on the server and sends over chunks at a time. FM Go takes forever to download a few hundred files and THEN sort. (To it's credit, it's faster than webdirect once everything is downloaded, but on mobile with patchy connectivity it's not a good option for me.) I am at a loss for solutions - if there are any - but thought I'd ask. Is there anything I can do about the session timeout issue with webdirect on mobile? (Was considering wrapping the solution in a custom app to potentially help dedicate memory to it, but not sure if that would make a difference.) Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks Wim! I knew you'd have the answer
  5. Hi Lee. Thanks for the link, but unless I missed it I didn't see anything in the video addressing redundancy options for a two machine deployment. Part of me thinks it's safer to have a one machine deployment with a standby server so all aspects of server are covered, but I know there's a performance penalty for that. (I suppose I could make up for that with beefier hardware, but since the vast majority of my users will be using webdirect it will be a high bar to reach.)
  6. Quick question. I know there is a way to create a standby server for filemaker, but what happens if the worker machine fails? Is there a backup option for that? I've been hunting around and haven't found anything to address this. Does the master machine take over for the worker? Any insight? (Thanks in advance)
  7. Yeah, I'm thinking it's a good idea to configure an htaccess file to redirect to the appropriate server for each user. Will be nice to have the option to move databases between servers if necessary and just update the redirect instead of giving users a new link. Thanks so much for your help!
  8. I do. I was able to get the second deployment up and running, but it looks like I have to assign a different port for our web direct clients. I made the second machine listen to port 8080 (80 is server #1), and it works so far, it's just a little clunky to have to enter port numbers in the url. but at least so far, I'm happy that I don't have to create a vlan to run two servers!
  9. I'm reaching the 125 database limit of filemaker server, so I need to deploy a second and was hoping I can do that on the same network and just change the default ports. But I must be missing something because I'm not able to bring up the admin console after installation. I think it has to do with a conflict on port 5003, but I'm not sure. (FYI the databases don't have to talk to each other - they are all silo'd) My question is this - is there a way to run more than one filmmaker server deployment on the same network? If not, my only thought would be to create a virtual network with my router, but I don't want to go through the trouble if I don't have to. Any advice? Thanks in advance!
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