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  1. Is it possible to specify any formatting (html/css) when using scribedocappend (with the scribe plug-in) i am trying to add text on the fly that is centered. any solutions? thanks so much!
  2. is it possible to append text or images to the end of a loaded doc. (not just another document)- i.e. something like-- $result=ScribeDocAppend ("new stuff") it seems the function only looks to append other files, not text what i need is to be able to add custom text to the end of some documents- not sure how to do this. thanks!
  3. Hello, I am developing an app where users may login with Android or IOS via Webdirect. On IOS (safari) via Webdirect-- everything is fine. With Android(chrome)-- anytime the script refreshes the screen or switches panels-- all uncommitted data is lost. any ideas or workarounds?-- my script checks validation and i really need to refresh to trigger conditional formatting also hoping to have a multi-panel entry so the user does not have to scroll to the bottom (layout has about 100 fields) thanks!
  4. My client is experiencing empty dialog windows-- starting with the Launcher. She is running FileMaker Pro 15 - 32bit on windows. She reinstalled several times with same result. any ideas? thanks!
  5. Thanks MIke! I am using FM Server 15 and browser is Chrome v.57 on desktop and Airwatch browser (for instant VPN connection on a secure network) on a Samsung G6 running Android 6.0. same problem with both desktop and android-- formatting randomly disappears- always fine at first load then when changing layouts-- sometimes all formatting is gone. only solution is to re-login. any help would be most appreciated.
  6. When using WebDirect on an Android phone- sometimes when switching to a newlayout (via a scripted button)-- all formatting disappears- see attached images. (also noticed that it also happens on webdirect via a desktop browser) anyone have ideas? thank you! with correct formatting: all formatting suddenly missing:
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