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  1. I didnt explain well. The easysync part is OK, but in FM Easy Suite Framework come other file to make updates of the solution stored in fmGo. That is EasyDeploy. And for that I didnt found any info.
  2. Hi everyone, I succesfully make the sync through easy sync. But with the next step I didnt found any info about the initial set up. How I set up in my solution the EasyDeploy method? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello, thanks to this forum I put succesfully the fm easy sync in my solution. All times went fine until I copy the solution in other iPads than mine. 😳 In first Ipad (whatever user goes in) all is succesfully (iPad pro 10,5, ios 11.3) but others (iPad 9,7, ios 11.3) "Unable to connect to the server". It is the same file copy in all iPads. Someone have an idea? Thank you in advance. EDIT: I DELETE THE FILEMAKER APP IN IPADS, REINSTALL ANDO NOW ALL OK
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