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  1. Pattern count/Keyword density probelm

    Thanks Rwoods, great solution!!! Saved me a bunch of time. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I have a list of about 400 keywords Im looking for from a free form text field. What I am trying to accomplish is to find the number of occurrences of keywords from the list of keywords in the txt field where i have many paragraphs of text. I have one field where I have all the keywords stored, all lower case Another field where I have free form text, all lower case. I am trying to see how many times keywords from the list come up as pattern matches from the text field of free form text. For example here is a short list words im looking for : bob went store and the text field has "bob went to the store, then bob went home." I would like a 3rd field to say: bob came up 3 times went came up 2 times store came up 1 times Ive attached an example file. Thanks for any help you can give:) pattern.fmp12.zip
  3. I have a group of students in my class that are all working on different subjects. Each student has unique key id field as so and each student has a subject they are taking which is another field. What I am trying to do is see which subjects each student has not taken yet. So if the key id has records for (history and math) but not reading, I need to have a new field that tells me that I need to have the student take reading next. I bet this could be done via a script but I just do not have the FMP skills to build the script to do this. If possible I would like the script to be able to output as a spreadsheet the key id and the subject missing for each key id. I have attached the filemaker file as well as a screen shot of the problem. Any help would be great, thanks for reading this. students.fp7

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