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  1. Applescript Error to create new record

    Hi, I am using the script editor in Mac itself to create record. When I create a new record, it shows this error : "Set Data failed. Invalid data was supplied." tell application "FileMaker Pro" go to layout "Contract" go to (create new record) end tell If I would want to create new record with all the pre-defined fields, leaving out those auto-indexed field and auto-calculated value, it shows "Set Data failed. Invalid data was supplied." on Create_Customer_Info(Cust_Info) tell application "FileMaker Pro" go to layout "Customer" tell current layout go to (create new record with data Cust_Info) end tell end tell end Create_Customer_Info However, when i create a script in Filemaker to create new record and commit record, I am able to set the field using Applescript however, the additional field that will automatically calculate the field based on the earlier set field does not appear.
  2. Hi, I am using filemaker 11 to copy customer info from excel into the database and then it would generate special keys in pdf allowing us to send the file to the customer. My access to the filemaker is non-admin, and the import function of customer info has been blocked. We are keying in the record one at a time, so we are looking at ways to automate this process. When I try to create a new record using applescript with just it was not allowed. There are data that require validation like date and auto-indexed record number. So, is there a way we could create new record and then using the set function to copy data into the report?

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