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  1. I want to update this thread for other users that experience a similar issue. For the problem users I ended up disabling the start-up scripts, then the users were able to login to the database but not get the main landing page layout. I spend several days debugging and re-writing the landing page scripts and I was able to solve the problem.
  2. This is a strange issue that happened only after we upgraded from FMP11 to FMP16.0.3. We also migrated the FMS to a new windows 2012 virtual server, with a updated version of SQL 2012 (previously 2008). Most users (125+) can connect with no issues. But we have a handful of users (5-10) that cannot open the database at all. They either run the launcher and never get a login screen, or after they login the initial scripts start to search for the users data and it never finishes. The FMP software eventually hangs up and they have to end task in windows. Of the users with problems, 1 can
  3. I wanted to update this thread in case someone finds it and runs into a similar problem. It ended up being a problem with my relationship graph, where I was matching the wrong field to the related table, thus the search was not performing a query on the correct field. If you run into this, check your relationship diagram and verify you have the correct related field tied together. Hope that helps!
  4. I am having the same issue on FMP 11, did you ever figure out what was causing this?
  5. I assist with a FMP 11 database that manages projects and related data, about 10,000 projects currently. I setup a new tool that tracks a ADL requirement with a simple YES/NO drop down value list. Users choose if the project requires ADL tracking by selecting YES/NO, and we have a layout that lists all 10,000 projects with the ADL requirement that shows YES, NO or empty value. This layout also shows lots of other project records that are searchable without error. I am trying to perform a Find on this layout to display all values with YES selected, or NO selected. The appropriate rela
  6. you are correct, I was overthinking it. the TO with the related field works just fine. Less work and cleaner workflow! thanks "comment"!
  7. I got it working!! I used your recommendation for entering the district numbers and addresses then created the address block as a portal, sorted by district_number, and it worked! Your help and input is much appreciated, thank you guys! I'm so happy this forum is here!
  8. I have one in the ADL_Tool table, which grabs the district number from the CentralENV (varchar) table and saves it as a numerical value. I added a 2nd field with the address text and connected them in the relationship graph via the district number. Now I need to populate the district_address_label with the corresponding address text from the related district_number, of which there are 13. I apologize for the confusion! I have been learning this db that 10-15 people setup over the course of 12+ years that nobody cared to ever document! Now everyone is gone and I'm trying to implement new w
  9. Well your right, I keep running into problems hardcoding data in the schema and it's probably considered best practice to separate the data from the schema. So I setup a related TO& Layout with the address field as text (varchar) and district numbers (numerical) and added the data in there. Now I have a district number field (1-12) and address block with the text I want inserted in my template, sounds good so far. So to make the relationship work I need to add another (numerical) field to the CentralENV table for the district number and connect them in the graph?
  10. I manage this database for a gov agency and there is a very real fear that if the public knew that the db existed they would overwhelm the agency with public information requests. Plus I would have to get authorization from my superiors to upload/share it, and I know the answer to that would be a resounding no! I'm not trying to be difficult, it's just the reality in gov info sharing :/
  11. I don't think so, the file is massive and has literally over 10,000 active projects with tons of PII data. I'd probably get in a lot of trouble if someone found out I shared it!
  12. CentralENV and ADL_Tool are related TO's, and all the other fields that I reference populate fine. Maybe I need to populate the district_address_block in the ADL_Tool TO first in the script step, then open the layout ADL_Print_Template later in the script?
  13. I like the idea of setting this up as a Set Field step in a script, but how would the calculation look for that? I specified the target field (adl_tool::district_address_label) and set the target field with the "text address I want to insert" in the calculation, but the ayout page with the _district_address_label is still coming out blank. I attached the screenshot with only the 1st district changed. Please see attached and let me know what I'm doing wrong.
  14. Ok got it, thank you for the help! I will make the changes and test doing it that way. Unfortunately I only work on this job Tues-Thurs so if I am not finished today I may ask for more advice next Tues. But the help is much appreciated, have a great weekend!
  15. I apologize for the typo! I looked in SQL and the district_number field is a variable character field. All of the other script functions work and it finishes my new layout with the other fields populated, but the district_address_label is blank. To run this as a lookup, I would setup a new table with 1-12 numeric values? and another address field/column with the actual text to insert?
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