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  1. Good morning everyone I'm creating a database where I have to print a report. I created the whole structure but I'm at a block. The report is on several pages and I do not find the solution to be able to have at the bottom of each page the subtotal. The section is inserted, in fact at the end of the list I find the result. But if the list is longer than a page, I do not have the data of the subtotal but I find it on the second page at the end of the list. I tried to change the field settings by setting total progressive in the options and inserting it in the footer section but I
  2. Good morning everyone I created a database runtime solution with FileMaker Pro 15 advanced. The program must export the contents of a form in PDF format. In a solution that runs under FileMaker I could use the command "Save as PDF" but this command does not work in a runtime solution. Could someone tell me how I could make this function? thank you so much.
  3. Buongiorno a tutti, mi sto chiedendo il vostro aiuto, mi sono bloccato e non riesco a trovare una soluzione. Io uso di FileMaker Pro 15 avanzato su Mac. Premessa: ho sviluppato una banca dati composta da due parti: registro di fatturazione In padronanza ho i dati dei clienti, gli agenti che seguono i clienti e fornitori con il loro marchio, che vengono gestiti da agenti. Ogni agente può avere diversi fornitori; Ogni cliente ha un solo agente, ma può avere varie marche. Ogni produttore può avere diversi agenti che distribuiscono il proprio marchio. In fatturazione, ho bisogno di essere
  4. Good morning and thanks for the response. I will try to be clearer. I have a mask that needs to extract all the agents in a brand. Each agent may have one or more associated brands. I have created a portal where the various agents are visible according to the brand chosen. The two tables are: Table1 = the number of agents where there is also the field of the following brands Table 2 = the budget line where there is a trademark field and I have to include the chosen brand I created a match between the two tables with table1 :: brand = table2 :: brand At that point in the portal I mu
  5. Good evening at all, I have created a portal where all the agents of a particular brand must be visible. If the agent only has that brand I'm offered to the portal but if there are multiple brands not. I had set the filter as "brand name = agent logo" but I noticed it did not work properly. How can I tell the system also to show me all the agents who have the required other than the other brands? I hope I was clear. thank you.
  6. The person who asked me the database has noticed that often unintentionally wrote in the fields instead of doing a search or changed field by deleting the content. so at least you can only read without changing the data unless authorized to do so.
  7. Goodmorning everyone. I have to search through a field in search engine style. I'll explain. In a text field, mode find, if I enter the first letter, I would like the system propose me the choices already. But the search text could also be in the middle of the sentence. does anyone know how I could do this research? thank you
  8. Hello. I tried to follow your example and I managed to set up the script. Thanks again.
  9. Hello to all, I have a database and I want to block modification of the fields if a given variable is not = 1. can i do this? i have create a button that change the variable from 0 (non modifiable) to 1 (modifiable) but if the variable is 0 i want that fields are only reading. i use Filemaker Pro 15 for mac thanks Andrew
  10. ok. thank you. can you tell me if you have try mailit plugin and if it is ok for my problem? thanks Andrew
  11. Hello everyone, I am developing a database and would like to submit more than one attached to the email that is sent using the internal filemaker client. I can attach a file in a container field but I can not make sure that they can enter other. You would know someone tell me if you can do this? thank you Andrew
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