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  1. Connection to Server Error

    Hi Tsiry360Works, No I can't, I can only connect with the port number. I am currently on version 3.17 - though I'm not sure if that's an update since we first implemented MirrorSync, could there be a step of copying and pasting new script steps that I missed? Sam.
  2. Hi, I've had mirrorsync3 running for a month with regular successful synching in that period. Suddenly the user got the attached error two weeks ago and we've not had a successful sync since then. The failure occurs both over a VPN and with an external facing IP address for the server User is constantly connected to the internet and has not had a successful sync for two weeks, so the connection error is not between her and the internet / VPN I can connect to the mirror Sync page over the VPN using so it is up on the server, and I can also successfully launch the java jnlp file, so that port appears to be available. I notice that the reference to port 42424 does not appear in the error message - should it? and if so - where can I correct this? I can remotely connect to the target filemaker files over both the VPN and a direct internet connection. Thoughts? Please let me know if there is further information I can provide. Cheers, Sam.
  3. Hi All, I'm getting the following error: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The field name 'Access.ID' is not valid for the 360Works XML JDBC driver, because it contains a period. The XML Web Publishing does not support related table queries. Either switch to the FileMaker official JDBC driver, or remove the period from the field name.If you are using ProscDatabase, be sure that your data model object does not contain any relationships (i.e. collections). Renaming is not an option, I've used a dot notation naming throughout 70-ish tables. I've tried downloading fmjdbc.jar and placing it in the Library/Java/Extensions folder as per FM instructions. how do I get MirrorSync to use that one instead of the "360Works XML JDBC driver"? I proof of concept tested this early in the project (about 12 months ago) with Mirrorsync 2 and it worked - I'm pretty sure with the same dot notation. Thanks, Sam. OSX, FMS14, FMA14

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