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  1. Hey, awesome, thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate it. What about WebDirect? How would that work? Thanks
  2. Hey, I have a question about hosting my filemaker database. If I buy a license for 5 people form here: https://store.filemaker.com/filemaker-cloud , will I also need to purchase 5 normal FileMaker 16 Pro Client licenses so people can actually connect to the database? I don't quite understand how this works yet, maybe someone can help me out. Do I get the client licenses with the purchase of a server license? I need 5 people to be able to access it. Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. Thanks for the help, I figured it out. Best regards, Mike
  4. Thanks for the reply, there is a starter solution called "Meetings", however it doesn't solve my problem. There aren't any attendees involved, it's only about meetings and topics.
  5. Hey, I have the following problem. I'm working on a solution for the owner of several restaurants. Each restaurant has meetings once or twice a month. How would I structure the tables so that I could have a layout on which I select a restaurant and then inside a portal I get a list of all employees. On the portal for each row I want to have a button or checkbox to mark if an employee is present or not. I already have the following tables: Restaurants, Employees and Meetings So far I have a relationship between the Restaurants and Employees table which I use to assign employees
  6. Hey, I started working with FileMaker a while ago and so far it's been pretty fun and fairly easy to learn because I worked with MySQL in the past. However, there are still a few questions I have. I'm used to having complete freedom when it comes to databases, because in Python or C++ for instance I would simply write my own queries and get whatever data I need, no matter if a database is related to another or not. Anyway, the flexibility is still what causes me some problems. I have the following problem. I'm working on an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for the owner of
  7. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Best regards, Mike
  8. Hey, what happens if I create a solution in FM16 and use the "Card Window" feature and someone else who still has FM15 wants to work with my solution? Will this work or is it not even possible to run the FM16 solution? Thanks in advance, Mike
  9. Hey, I don't know if people here are still looking for an easy way but I simply ended up putting "Top Navigation" parts on all my layouts (Layouts -> Part Setup). Every "Top Navigation" part has the same buttons on it on all my layouts and by clicking them you can navigate to all the other layouts. This simulates a static navigation bar that always stays in place, even if you scroll. I don't know if that's the way you are supposed to use it but it's really easy and works perfectly, Best regards, Mike
  10. Hey, yeah I don't want the default FileMaker menu (that you use to create new records etc) to show up in the final product. I made a navigation bar or menu that lets you create new records, perform finds, switch layouts and so on. I guess I will have to duplicate the layout I have right now and then edit it for all my other layouts. Thanks for the quick response, Mike
  11. Hey, I want to use the same header on all my layouts in FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced but I can't seem to find a way to accomplish it. I read on Google and other forums that there is no way to do it, however the posts I found are all at least a year or two old. Did they add a way to do it in FileMaker 15 or do I still need to duplicate a layout to get the same header on a different one? Thanks in advance, Mike
  12. Hey, thanks for the quick response. The first way you described sounds like a good solution, I will give it a try tomorrow, thank you so much.
  13. Hey, each line has a certain keyword. For example Payment or Order. Those keywords are in the same position in every line. Thanks for your response, Mike
  14. Hey, I have a Tab-Separated Text File which I want to import to a database that I just created in FileMaker Pro 15. The text file essentially is a log of events, for instance, one line describes an order, another line describes a payment that has been made. The problem is that I somehow need to import all these lines into different tables. I want all lines in the log file that describe a payment in a table called Payments, and all lines that describe an order in a table called Orders for example. I'm just starting out with FileMaker so forgive me if there is an obvious solution that
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