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  1. I am sorry for the late reply.... Inventory distribution All changes in inventory happen via creation of a new OPERATION/DOCUMENT record. OPERATIONS---<TRANSACTIONS Each Operation/Document holds a number or TRANSACTIONS. Each Line refers to a unique combination of the fields: Item/Lot/Serial/ExpirationDate/Condition. The quantity may vary. When the document is saved, a script updates the records in ITEM SLOTS table. This table is a "map" of the real-world items. Looping through each TRANSACTION, the script either creates new ITEM SLOTS or changes the quantity of ITEM SLOTS records and other attributes. Problem: Some OPERATION/DOCUMENTS are printed with their TRANSACTIONS (these documents model the operation that has been performed) Some other OPERATION/DOCUMENTS are more like a "Receipt" and their Lines must show the result of more than one OPERATION. Examples: Department A issues an OPERATION/DOC to Mike (100 Widget X) - so far the TRANSACTIONS match the Lines of the DOCUMENT Department A issues another OPERATION/DOC to Mike (100 Widget X, 100 Widget Y). - the printed document must show 200 Widget X, 100 Widget Y, If I decide to merge the two operations. I might as well keep them separated, in which case we fall to the first example. Department A issues another OPERATION/DOC to receive back from Mike. (20 Widget X) - In this case I open an existing OPERATION and the Items received back are subtracted. My Solution: OPERATIONS/DOCUMENTS---<TRANSACTIONS OPERATIONS/DOCUMENTS---<DOCUMENT LINES So if I want to issue a separate receipt, I just copy the TRANSACTIONS to DOCUMENT LINES or If I want to merge, I merge the TRANSACTIONS of the NEW OPERATION/DOC with the DOCUMENT LINES of the old OPERATION/DOC. Documents are always printed with their DOCUMENT LINES. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I am not sure if this is a tip, or if it is already known. Anyway it has a practical value for me so I thought I post it. Sometimes I need to present data in a layout with several sub-summary parts and usually no body parts I find it good interface, to give the user the ability to click on the only visible sub-summary part and reveal the next part in the hierarchy, and so on... Thus expanding and collapsing the list by clicking on the headers. From what I read in the forums the standard technique for this is to have a global variable to store whether part X is expanded or not. I don't like that method very much so I thought of an alternative. Layout Example Structure Sub-Summary Part1 (based on COUNTRIES::Name) Sub-Summary Part2 (based on COUNTRIES::CityID) Sub-Summary Part3 (based on CITIES::SalesmanID) To the right of the sub-summary part, just off screen we put an instance of the field we are sub-summarizing by. For example, inline with sub-summary Part1 we put an instance of the field COUNTRIES::Name and we name the Object as "Part1" Now if the sub-summary part is visible using the following : GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Part1";"source" ) will give us "COUNTRIES::NAME" or if the sub-summary part is not visible will give us error 102 (Field is missing) By looping with a $counter variable through all sub-summary parts (1....n) we can get a list of the visible sub-summary parts (the fields they are based on) Then we can use this information to sort the records anyway we want to. That's it! I think it would be nice if someone thought a way to have the list sorted in the way the parts are presented. Thanks, Dimitrios
  3. These records are from the same table of course (DOCUMENT LINES) and they all have positive quantities. I can sort by any field from the table
  4. Thank you! Is there any known ways to -instead of adding quantities - subtract the qty of certain records? I guess that would require to have a calculation field to make the qty of the records I want to subtract, negative. Is there another option?
  5. Well, your suggestion makes sense to me. Opening a new window and going to a different layount won't cause a "Commit" right?
  6. I was thinking that something could be accomplished with CustomList custom function but I can't figure it out
  7. Well, I would like to clarify the situation. a) I am on a layout based on DOCUMENTS table. In this layout I have a portal to show DOCUMENT LINES. I populate the lines with Item/Lot/Serial/Qty of items I want to operate. (receive,write off, lent, import to warehouse,or export) b ) Based on the document/operation type and the entered document lines, I perform some updates to my ITEM SLOTS table (i.e. archive obsolete records and create new with updated qty) c) My script performs these updates transactional-wise. (no commits until finished) d) Sometimes -if you want I can clarify- , during a transaction I need to merge the DocumentLines of two Documents. I could do that with Mikhail Edoshin's FS technique but I dont want to leave my layout . e) I have these lists in global variables
  8. Hello, If I have two lists : ListA Apples 20 Oranges 15 Pears 120 ListB Apples 13 Oranges 30 Nectarines 70 ... how can I end up to Apples 33 Oranges 45 Pears 120 Nectarines 70, with a custom function? Thank you!
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