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  1. Hey Everyone We are having this issue with the change of any of this variables IOS 13 FileMaker 18 FileMaker Server 18 FileMaker Go 18 We have a Layout for FileMaker go to upload photos from an iPod Touch or iPhone Pro 11, and when we use a script to take the photo directly from the camera works perfectly, but when we use the another one that has to open the library from the device it will happen either of this 2 things 1. It will duplicate on the mini preview the last "good" picture and when try to maximize the picture nothing shows up
  2. Hey Ibrahim Did you manage to fix this? Im having the same problem but Im using an older version of FM Please, let us know
  3. Hi community Im just wondering if you have to purchase the new version of scriptmaster and in my case 360Works Mail in order to use it on FMP16, or you just download it in some page that I can't find Anyone knows about this? Kind regards
  4. Hi all I recently bought a licence of 360Works Email 2, working great, but I will need to upgrade to Workgroup Licence, I thought that only when sending an email and only then where using the licence, but apparently not and I need to upgrade Do anybody know if I get a disscount for having already the single user licence? Or do I have to buy from scratch? It's the same file or it's diferent? Kind Regards Happy Programming
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