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  1. Converting Access to Filemaker 16

    Wim, Appreciate the reply, and there are not many good developers for FM in my area Singapore and yes I am very new to FM. Lee, I am aware of this program and have spoken with the Author, basically it will convert the schema and tables over, keep the relationships, but will tag the VB code and then its a matter of redoing it all line by line. Appreciate the responses. Kevin.
  2. Converting Access to Filemaker 16

    Hi All, (Hopefully the right place to post) Background We have an engineering database that was built in Access, consisting of 3 seperate Access MDB, which are all linked. My immediate Manager is looking at if possible converting this over to FM16, with the view of using this online for uses / contractors to login and update the information, seen as we already have other applications running on this platform, and also Access is not all that bright over WLAN. With all the hype at present with FM pushing to convert users from Access to Filemaker, just how easy is this, because after all my research, this doesnt see to be a very easy conversion. I have come across some tools which can convert the table structures and retain the schema, BUT, the issue will be converting the existing VB code to FM Coding, as there are lot of Sub-Routines being called. I read this article by Wim Decorte called Filemaker vs Access, which was based on Filemaker 5.5 and Access 2002, so not sure how relevant that is now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as to whether persuing this conversion. Kevin.
  3. Document Management Solution - Pros / Cons

    Hi All, It seems the error of my ways have been pointed out many times. What I am actually looking for are replies from end users whom have already implemented a Document Management System based on Filemaker. I should have defined developers as those whom have commerical solutions available such as DocuBin / Azor / Fullcity etc. I just want honest unbiased replies on users experiences. I dont need a full blown Document Management software that is handling 1000's of documents but rather link back documents required for the scoping process, such as PID, Drawings, Datasheets etc, which I can run locally on a small mac mini, when we do Project Scoping. Apologies for any confusion. Kind Regards, Kevin.
  4. Hi All, Software we have: FMS 15 Filemaker Pro 15 At present we are developing an inhouse application to aid us in capturing Scoping Work for Engineering Projects, this we have under control, however we want to go one step further and have a simple document management solution, where we can store the necessary documents required to the Scoping Work. Now I have searched and there seems to be plenty of *solutions* out there, but how to sort the wheat from the charf so to speak. I want to hear from anyone(not developers) whom is using any of these solutions for Document Management and what are the pros and cons or limitations you have found and most of all and more important what is the support like from these developers. Cheers ..... Kevin.

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