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  1. Hi Doug, Thank You very much, that now works as intended, I knew it was something simple. Regards, Kevin Hi Lee, Appreciate the input, Thank You very much. The Tab Prospect List, is actually setup as a Search Filter, because the actual amount of records will be over 1500. Example, I can type Santos, in Operator, click on the *Funnel* it then will return all instances of *Santos*, the *Trash Can* clears the filter. Then you can just click on any of the returned records. Regards, Kevin
  2. Hi All, In the attached file in BD Demo, in layout Prospects All and Tab *Prospects All*. I have tried to follow an existing script, so when you you applied a *Filter* you can then click on the Side Button which should then take you to the next Tab, which will present the information based on that entry, in the respective tags. This is at present a Demo I am trying to work up, the data is at present all messed up as the people compiling the data screwed up filtering / sorting in Excel. I can get all other scripts to work except this one. Would appreciate some help in where I have gone wrong, so I can learn, I have searched on the web but cant fine any examples, but then again my Google Foo searching maybe wrong. NOTE: I havent set all the DB parameters on the Tables or setup some other functions such as Notes, as I want to get all the scripts working first. Appreciate any input. File has no security set an use either dev or admin with no password. Regards, Kevin BD Demo.fmp12
  3. Wim, Appreciate the reply, and there are not many good developers for FM in my area Singapore and yes I am very new to FM. Lee, I am aware of this program and have spoken with the Author, basically it will convert the schema and tables over, keep the relationships, but will tag the VB code and then its a matter of redoing it all line by line. Appreciate the responses. Kevin.
  4. Hi All, (Hopefully the right place to post) Background We have an engineering database that was built in Access, consisting of 3 seperate Access MDB, which are all linked. My immediate Manager is looking at if possible converting this over to FM16, with the view of using this online for uses / contractors to login and update the information, seen as we already have other applications running on this platform, and also Access is not all that bright over WLAN. With all the hype at present with FM pushing to convert users from Access to Filemaker, just how easy is this, because after all my research, this doesnt see to be a very easy conversion. I have come across some tools which can convert the table structures and retain the schema, BUT, the issue will be converting the existing VB code to FM Coding, as there are lot of Sub-Routines being called. I read this article by Wim Decorte called Filemaker vs Access, which was based on Filemaker 5.5 and Access 2002, so not sure how relevant that is now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated as to whether persuing this conversion. Kevin.
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