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  1. download attachments with map

    Ryan, thank you I can see how to do it now. To cope with multiple attachments I am creating a new table for attachments, linked to the message table by the field "uid", and create a new record as I download each attachment. You say that the Example Client is set up to allow you to download attachments when the message is viewed, but I cannot see any attachments in the "HTML" view. Perhaps you could improve the Example Client. (I attach a screen shot showing the message view and HTML view.)
  2. download attachments with map

    Ryan: In Line 3 of script: "EmailReadMessages" I have changed "attachments=false" to "attachments=true". I now get a return separated list of attachments which includes the filepath. I converted the field [Attachment] in the table ImportedMessages to a container (like the corresponding field in PlugInExample), but the filepaths and filenames still appear as text. I then altered Line 32 to read EmailReadMessageValue("attachments=true") this time nothing downloaded to the attachments field. Where do I insert the line: Set Field(table:myfield;EmailReadAttachment(path) to download the attachments to containers? I am making the changes in a copy of the 360Works_email file so I am assuming "table" is ImportedMessages and "myfield" is Attachments, what do I put into "(path)? Should the field Attachments be a container? If it is a container should the data be stored externally and secure? If there is more than one attachment will a separate record be created for each attachment? Thank you

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