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  1. As you see sir is still hidden!
  2. hi sir how can I fix it? can you edit my project?
  3. Hi. I want to have sub-summary when sorted by my customer's name example: A: Ali Angel Amir B: Benta Box and .... I do this work but I don't know why my Sub-summary is hidden? NOTE: I Have Sub-Summary In My "Customer_list" hard test.fmp12
  4. I Said, sir, I don't want use portal and I want to do something like CDBABY
  5. Hi @Wim Decorte, So what is your Suggestion? If I don't what to use portal in this project
  6. So, sir, I don't want to use portal how can I do this work like CDBABY?
  7. Hi, I solved my last problem but now I want to have a better user interface. we use the portal to show which filter used on machines like this. But now I don't want to use portal I want to use repetition field but if I do this work I have problem with user interface because when user press add new button other fields must go down like CDBABY picture
  8. Hi. I have a search field, a user types his customer number in it. I want to when a user types his customer number and press inter-script run. how can I do this work? I use on object keystroke but when I want to type number script run and user can't type phone numbers. how can I fix this?
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