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  1. Hey all, I have a table that has hundreds of records that describe archival footage based on "tape names" for a documentary I'm working on. I also have a second "in the cut" table that describes all of the clips contained in an edited episode that may have several iterations of the same tape, since we are using different sections of them. However, we want to DESCRIBE each iteration of the tape name contained in the "in the cut" table, differently. Instead of creating a field and manually typing out the description of each iteration in the "in the cut" table, is there a way to create an editable value list that connects to each tape name, allows the user to type in unique clip descriptions, but then stores it in its own list that can be accessed in the next iteration? This way when I go to a new iteration of a different tape name in the "in the cut" table, there would be a completely different list that is connected to that tape name. Thank you!
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