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  1. This is a different purpose - it's simply displayed information, not entered. It's the date the first record is created and the most recent date a record has been created - this date is auto-filled on creation of a new record. It displays on a different layout.
  2. Thank you so very much for your help - as soon as you explained it I realised how obvious it was. I must have been so far down the rabbit hole that I could no longer see the obvious. I was just going through the file in a final check and realised on my global summary layout, I still have an issue with a date thing. I want to show the date of the first record entered and a date of the last record entered. I've done a Summary field for Min and one for Max but nothing shows up in the live view. Any thoughts?
  3. Still get the same error - just trying to get the dates thing worked out . Screenshot attached.
  4. Hi. Thank you for the help so far I already had the globals. I started to create the script but when I added the following into the Calculated Result for Set Field, I got the message saying an operator was expected: Grants::Date Submitted;Grants::gSubmittedFromDate &"..."& Grants::gSubmittedToDate Any thoughts?
  5. Hi. I have a database that lists grant applications. I need for my user to be able to view the records in a number of ways according to certain criteria for analysis purposes. These records are displayed in a List layout. I need to be able to: 1) see only records where the submission dates are between x and y then 2) filter these records according to what is selected in 2 dropdowns - Outcome and Status. The Outcome field dropdown value list is : <blank>, granted, unsuccessful, unknown. The Status field is dropdown value list is: <blank>,submitted, in prog
  6. Comment - Brilliant - was the solution completely. Works like a charm. This has been the last component to getting the project complete and our Community Centre now has a fully-functioning Contacts and Booking Management system. Everyone's help is absolutely fantastic on this forum and has gone a long way to helping me complete this project which I undertook on a voluntary basis for the organisation. Thank you Lesley Wheeler Chair Karingal Neighbourhood House In. Frankston, Vic, Australia
  7. Still can't get it to work. Number_of_children - number, Lookup (source is a calculation which counts the number of entries in a list field) Inactive_Activity - a number, set as Boolean configured so that non-zeros=1 and zeros=0 (source a value list with 1 as the only entry) I need a calculation to go on a field named total_children_inactive_in_class such as (but I can't get to work): if(Inactive_Activity=1 ; sum(Number_of_children) ) Once I have this number, subtracting it from the total of children (which I have) is a simple matter. I need for the admin staff
  8. Thanks Steve, classes aren't confined to childcare only, most of them are single person participants, and that count is easy to ascertain correctly. Childcare however, is just the number of children. The parents aren't there. I already have a field that is a calculation that counts the total listed children associated with a parent (in the parent's contact details elsewhere). We have to keep track of whether the participant is active or inactive because they may not come to all the sessions. If they stop coming, they're marked as Inactive (the checkbox), and the class number ref
  9. Hi, I have a bit of a dilemma that I've tried a number of solutions to sort out, to no avail. I have a portal that lists the participants in a class. In each row is a checkbox that can be used to indicate whether that participant has withdrawn from the class. I've used a summary field to count the number of checked boxes and have a field that subtracts that number from the total of records in the portal - easy peasy. Where it gets tricky is that, one of the fields relates to the number of children associated with a participant (a mum may have 3 kids in the class if it's one of t
  10. Siroos. Thank you so very very much for this. It's EXACTLY what I needed and works well. However - as in the way of many of these things, once my user saw it, there came the inevitable query... "Can we list all the participators in a class and have their participation showing in their Contact Details layout?". So I created a new table called Participants, with participantsID_pk and have linked it to the Contacts table via a participantsID_fk, which I was hoping to use as a Portal on a tab on the Activities layout so I could add multiple participants and have their phone, email and mo
  11. For your info and anyone else's reference, here's the setup. I'm working with FM 12 Advanced. It's a community centre database that keeps a record of all the people we need to have details for - so anyone who hires a room, signs up for an activity, or is associated with the centre in some way. Anyone who hires a room has to sign an agreement and pay a bond to get an access card for the building, though this may not necessarily be the person running the activity - it may be the secretary of their group, rather than the activity leader. The agreement/bond isn't an issue as it's directl
  12. Both Contacts and Activities have ID keys and are related via these. I've also set up relationships so that Activity Leader in the Activities table relates to NameWhole in the Contact one. Don't know if that's right. I have SOOOOO much trouble wrapping my head around Relationships...
  13. Hi guys, I have a Contacts table and an Activities table. A Contact can be a leader of many Activities. On the Activities Details layout, I want to be able to select a Contact from a dropdown and have a button that can then be used to take the user to the Details page for that contact. I've tried several things from researching, but can't seem to get it working. PLEASE can someone help me. It's driving me nuts. I'll also want to do show the Activities a person is leader of on the Contact Details layout, but I'm presuming that's a simple portal.
  14. I tried a number of things, but eventually just did it as a Find that exports to excel, and the girls just pick up all the email addresses from that and mass email
  15. I'd like to bump this as I'd REALLY like an answer. My only other solution is do do a sorted report that exports to Excel, then my staff can select all the email addresses and do a mass mail from these. However, that's an added step and clunky. There's surely a more elegant solution via Filemaker.
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